Monday, December 9, 2013

Title: The Wingmaker by: Lynette Louise

Title: The Wingmaker
Author: Lynette Louise
Publisher: Motovational Press Inc.
Pages: 56
Format: ebook
Source: Request Review
Purchase: Amazon

The WingMaker is about a little girl that gave her life so that others could grow wings. It is about the beauty gifted to the capable by the challenged. It is about becoming worthy by becoming aware; first of oneself and then of others. The little girl, whose name is Reazon, has Cerebral Palsy. She has spent her life in a wheelchair, surrounded by siblings that play while her mother works. Her dream is to play and be "normal" so that her mother won't have to work so hard. Since Reazon is her mother's reason for the many choices in life, change is not easy to attain. A specialist by the name of Happy-Ness arrives and teaches the art of play and how to use biofeedback for the brain in order to recreate the game. This is a story of discovery that answers the question, "Who makes wings? The savior or the saved?" It's the WingMaker of course. This story is true, if you think it can be.

My Thoughts: 

There is so much you can experience with this powerful book.  One thing I think is spend time with your kids help them succeed.  Don't place them in a room and hope they will know what to do.  Never discount the time you have together you never know when that time is gone.  This book rocks, it was awesome and full of so much emotion and thoughts.  And like people say about it you can learn something the many times you read this book over and over again!
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