Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review How To Catch A Cold by: Adam T. Newman

Title: How To Catch A Cold
Author: Adam T. Newman
Publisher: MiLo Ink Books
Pages: 34
Format: ebook
Source: Request Review


Kids from preschool through second grade will LOVE this silly story about a young boy whose vivid imagination goes into overdrive as he wonders why his classmates aren’t showing up to school each day. He eventually discovers they are not being taken or in harms way but rather they just caught a COLD. Uncertain what a COLD actually is, our hero sets out on an adventure to literally catch a COLD. Will he succeed? Will he actually catch a COLD? Anyone who has ever been in a classroom where students start getting sick should know the answer to that question.

My Thoughts:

When a young boy finds his classmates missing from school he learns from his teacher that they have caught a cold.  Well this little boy wants in on what this COLD is.  He sets out to catch this bad guy where ever he maybe.  Little does he know that the COLD isn't far behind him.  The illustrations rock they so great.  The story is great for anyone who suffers a COLD and can appreciate the hero's adventure.  My kids thought this was funny when the hero tries to catch a COLD cause they know you can't catch it like a butterfly!

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