Thursday, June 17, 2021

Review: The Grim Reader by: Kate Carlisle

Title: The Grim Reader
Author: Kate Carlisle
Publisher: Berkley
Series: Bibliophile Mysteries #14
Format: Hardcover ( 319 p.)
Source: NetGalley


San Francisco book-restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright was hoping for a fun, relaxing weekend at a local book fair, but a murderer made other plans in the latest in this New York Times bestselling series.

Brooklyn and her new hunky husband, Derek, are excited to be guests at Dharma's first annual Book Festival. The entire town is involved and Brooklyn’s mom Rebecca is taking charge. In addition to all of her other event related duties, she’s got Brooklyn doing rare book appraisals and is also staging Little Women, the musical to delight the festival goers. If that wasn’t enough, she and Meg, Derek’s mom, will have a booth where they read palms and conduct séances.

Brooklyn couldn’t be prouder of her mom’s do-it-all attitude so when a greedy local businessman who seems intent on destroying Dharma starts harassing Rebecca, Brooklyn is ready to take him down. Rebecca is able to hold her own with the nasty jerk until one of her fellow festival committee members is brutally murdered and the money for the festival seems to have vanished into thin air.

Things get even more personal when one of Brooklyn’s nearest and dearest is nearly run down in cold blood. Brooklyn and Derek go into attack mode and the pressure is on to catch a spineless killer before they find themselves skipping the festival for a funeral.

My Thoughts: 

In this book Brooklyn and her husband Derek Stone are heading to Dharma's first book festival.  They hope to help out getting ready for the festival along with Brooklyn repairing a book about Little Women.

When they arrive and see what Rebecca Brooklyn's mom has been dealing with it's a wonder that the festival is still on track!  Brooklyn and Derek decide that Rebecca needs their help and will do everything they can to keep her safe and sound.

When murder starts up Brooklyn is determined to find out whose bringing horror to her hometown. The more they dig the more questions arise who would kill a fellow member of the committee for the festival and why?  Was it someone trying to buy up property in Dharma or is someone right in front of them causing them all sorts of grief?

I love this series it's fun and mysterious and you find yourself laughing at times totally worth the adventure.  We get to see what Brooklyn's family is up to and how things have been going.  I love how Ms. Carlisle weaves her stories so you feel like you are traveling along with Brooklyn and Derek and are in for a great ride with a great story!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Review: Carless Whiskers by: Miranda James

Title: Carless Whiskers
Author: Miranda James
Publisher: Berkley
Series: Cat in The Stacks #12
Format: Hardcover ( 289 p.)
Source: Personal Purchase


When librarian Charlie Harris' daughter is falsely accused of murder, he and his faithful feline Diesel must leap forward to crack the case in this all-new installment in the New York Times bestselling series.

Charlie Harris has sworn off investigating murder and mayhem after a recent close call. Instead, he's delighted to cheer on his daughter, Laura, who's starring in a production of Careless Whispers. The theater department at Athena College is debuting the play written by a fledgling playwright with local connections and Charlie's son-in-law, Frank Salisbury, will be calling the directorial shots.

Laura is upset to learn that Luke Lombardi, an overbearing actor she knew from her time in Hollywood will also be taking part in the production as a guest artist. Lombardi arrives with an entourage in tow and promptly proceeds to annoy everyone involved with the production. When he collapses and dies on stage, after drinking from a glass Laura handed him, she becomes the chief suspect in his murder.

Charlie knows his daughter is innocent, and he's not going to let anyone railroad his little girl. So, despite his intentions to put his amateur sleuthing days behind him, Charlie has to take center stage, and with Diesel's help, shine a spotlight on the real killer. 

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Charlie Harris as his daughter is working with her husband showcasing a play at the University.  Of course like any book it isn't long before the craziness begins.  First it seems there are two play writers?  Who is the real author of Carless Whispers?  

As the play progress someone is deliberately sabotaging the play and driving Luke Lombardi crazy.  At the night of the opening the tricks have gone too far and someone is killed Luke and Laura Charlie's daughter could have been next!  Charlie is determined to try from afar to figure out what the heck is going on.  Who had it out for the actor and just how determined are they to end the actor's life?

Even though Charlie is warned a few times by Laura to but out he can't because it could have easily have been her.  

I love Charlie and Diesel since the first time I picked up a book.  It's like going to check on old friends and see what they are up to.  Of course the interaction with Azalea and the cats is so much fun to look forward to every time I pick up this author!