Monday, December 16, 2013

Review Mistletoe & Murder by: Laina Turner

Title: Mistletoe & Murder
Author: Laina Turner
Publisher: Five Sea Inks
Pages: 29
Series: A Presley Thurman Mystery
Format: ebook
Source: Book Tour


In this holiday short story, Presley goes home for Christmas expecting it to be a relaxing holiday until her old boyfriend, Brian, asks for her help finding out who has been stealing from him and it turns from theft to murder. Why would anyone want to kill Tommy and what was he hiding?

My Thoughts:

In this book which is great for the holiday season Presley is going home for the holidays and bringing Cooper with her. Not long after they arrive Presley gets a visit from an old friend Brian who needs help figuring out if his worker Tommy is stealing tools from him.  Presley and Cooper decide to look into it.

Next day Tommy winds up dead and Brian is freaking out over it.  Now Presley and Cooper decide to try to find out who would want a nice good kid like Tommy dead.  This leads them all over until they figure it out.  The question is are they too late and is the killer about to strike again?

This was a fun read with action and adventure and typical Presley and Cooper fashion.  I enjoyed the lightness of the story mixed in with visiting old characters we haven't seen in a while like Presley's brother and her parents.
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