Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hunger Games makeup for young girls

Every single company out there knows that especially Young Adults love what they love with passion, loyalty and excitement. Therefore, they keep feeding them products they know for sure will sell. What you see above is the special new line of makeup that COVERGIRL created for Hunger Games fans with the release of the new Catching Fire movie.

I belong to the generation of girls who ached to put on red lipstick in the 90's because of how awesome Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love were. They were (still are) strong, independent women who did/do as they wished. Now, I think Katniss is also a good role model, maybe even better, but why promote something she hates so much? She doesn't want the makeup, she doesn't want the fake smiles and costumes... Yet, on the other hand, this line does a good job in reflecting what Capitol represents.

They've created looks for every district, and those of you interested can check them out here.