Community Bookstop:
This is the area where you will learn something you may or may not know about the staff of the Community Bookstop who are here to try and help and assist you with various discussions and information.  We try to offer books you may not have heard of.  Our goal is to a virtual library so to speak offering various books for various clientele.


Paula has been book blogging since 2009, when she isn't deep in a great new and upcoming book, she can be found tending to her four disabled children with various stages of Autism..  Paula also loves to be behind a camera taking pictures of her family and where she lives. 
    Paula enjoys many different types of books that grab her attention, and is usually willing to give a book a shot even if it isn't on her specified genres.

Paula reads many different genre’s and themes primarily young adult, mystery, and paranormal, chic lit, historical fiction, some thrillers, and a little horror, and urban paranormal.

Paula works with NetGalley, Edelweiss, different Virtual Book Tours and other publishers, along with all the authors shown on the blog.  Paula also loves to incorporate Indie/Self-Published books into her blog to share the great books she has found.


I'm Simay (pronounced Simai), but most of my friends call me Zim. Simay is a  Capricorn girl, and 500 Days of Summer.

Every year she likes to rub it in people's faces that she share's the same birthday with David Bowie, Elvis Presley and Stephen Hawking Simay likes books (obviously!), movies and tv shows as much as everyone else.

She also like reading footnotes and thank you's in cd booklets, dancing in the rain, knitting and crocheting, staying up all night for literature, learning new things, living inside her own head, bursting into song at random times and most of the things others might consider "weird."