Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review: A Knit Before Dying by: Sadie Hartwell

Title: A Knit Before Dying
Author: Sadie Hartwell
Publisher: Kensington
Series: Tangeled Web Mystery #2
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback
Source: Author Request


A new business might add some much-needed charm to downtown Dorset Falls—and draw tourists to Josie’s yarn shop. But when someone gets murdered, a close-knit community could come undone . . .

Shop owner Josie Blair is finally settling into the pace of living in Dorset Falls, Connecticut. Between running Miss Marple’s Knits, jumpstarting a blog, and handcrafting items with the help of her knitting pals, Josie’s too preoccupied to worry about her past in New York. And thanks to Lyndon and Harry, the owners of the brand new antique shop across the street, she has another project in her midst—repurposing a box of vintage crocheted doilies adorned with the most curious needlework . . . 

But before Josie can formally welcome her neighbors, she discovers Lyndon stabbed to death by a rusty old pair of sheep shears on the floor of his shop. Police have pinned Harry as the killer, but Josie isn’t so sure. Now, she’s lacing up for another homicide investigation—and no eyelet or stitch can go unexamined, lest she herself becomes ensnared in the criminal’s deadly design . . . 

My Thoughts:

This book is the second in the tangled web mystery series in this one Josie has rented out the other building next door to her shop to a new business of selling antiques.  Before long Lyndon is found dead and Harry is standing over the body of his partner.  Who killed Lyndon and why?

Add to that mystery is multiple of others like the disappearance of Bea Ryder who disappeared a long time ago and Helen her best friend would just feel so much better knowing what happened to her friend.  Had someone murdered her or did she move somewhere else without telling anyone?

Then the local fighting between Eb and Roy gets to an all time high, when Roy is going crazy and acting odd around town.  Eb seems to be spending an awful lot of time in his workshop is be really working on art or back to his fighting with Roy?

This series is so much fun to read, to go back to Dorset Falls and see what everyone is up to.  And this book did not disappoint in the slightest.  It pulls you in and you find yourself traveling along with Josie and her friends as they work, enjoy each others company and solve a mystery or two!  Can't wait to see what is next!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Review: Skiing is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Skiing is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publishing: Hibbert Stiles Publishing Inc.
Series: McKinley Mysteries #10
Pages: 140
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


They’re ready to hit the slopes when things go downhill...
Sean and Sara are supposed to have a relaxing vacation in Vail, but it all goes up in a puff of powder when there’s a suspicious death on the mountain. And the deceased is not just anyone; it’s Adrian Blackwell, a two-time Olympic skiing gold medalist.
Rumor has it Adrian died in a skiing accident, but he was too skilled for Sara to accept that as fact. But she doesn’t want to disappoint Sean by ruining his ski trip, even though she’s convinced Adrian was murdered and she’s itching to find the killer.
Sean has never been able to say no to Sara, but this time he plans to. However, all it takes is a call from their PI firm back in Albany to change his mind. A job’s come in to investigate Adrian’s death, and his agent is the one footing the bill, leaving Sean with more questions than answers.
Yet one major problem remains: their New York State PI licenses hold no legal authority in Colorado. They still can’t help but look into Adrian’s death on the sly, though. This case will definitely involve some underhanded tactics, all while trying to dodge the local police over the course of the investigation.

My Thoughts:

Sara and Sean are enjoying a peaceful vacation in Vail Colorado when they over hear someone has died what is even more baffling is that the death is of Adrian Blackwell a two-time Olympic gold medalist in skiing.  What happened to Adrian and what if it was a bizarre death?  Sean is hesitant to investigate the death until he hears from Helen at their P.I company that Sara and Sean have been hired to find out what happened to Adrian!

This book has so much intrigue that really has you wondering what the heck is going on at the ski resort in Vail.  Was it an angry girl he had jilted?   Or was it a sponsor who was sick of dealing with an Olympic brat?  It really made you want to dive in with Sara and Sean to get to the answer!  Can't wait to see what they deal with next time!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Review: Coffee is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Coffee is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Hibbert Stiles Publishing Inc.
Series: McKinley Mysteries #9
Pages: 174
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


You might want to rethink your morning routine. A cup a day won’t kill you, but a few might.
Their first case as private investigators have Sean, Sara, and Jimmy neck-deep in coffee beans trying to find a killer. With their client certain that her mother was poisoned through her coffee of the month club, it has them setting out to Williamsburg, Virginia. But instead of approaching matters from the traditional standpoint, Sean and Sara brew a robust plot and stir Jimmy into the blend, all to get close to their top suspect and grind out the truth.

Going undercover at Tasty Beans, the coffee company, the three of them work to expose the culprit before anyone else dies.

My Thoughts:

In this book Sara, Sean and Jimmy are working on a case of a woman whose mother has recently died and she has trouble believing anything other than murder caused it.  She hires the McKinley's to look into what happened to her mother and who would want to kill her?

This book brought back the couple team of Sean and Sara and their team of private investigators to find out who poisoned the coffee of their client's mother.  Which brings them to Virginia in search of a explanation to the recent death, what they find is more than they bargained for.  This book was full of adventure and mystery that readers have come to find with this series!  Can't wait to see what is next for the McKinley's.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Review: Christmas Is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Christmas Is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Hibbert Stiles Publishing Inc
Series: McKinley Mysteries #7
Pages: 126
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


Do you love Christmas and cozy mysteries? “Christmas is Murder” is a touching--and comical--seasonal cozy. It will have you wanting to stoke the fire and top up that glass of eggnog.
Albany’s the perfect image of a winter wonderland, and Sean and Sara’s friend Jimmy is going to be Santa Claus for the upcoming Christmas parade. The trees and decorations have been selected and the gifts have been purchased. The season has truly cast its magical spell--until Sean and Sara’s neighbors die in a horrible house fire.

While the fire department ruled holiday-related hazards as the cause, Sara suspects there’s more to it. Her determination to find the truth has her and Sean toeing the line between what’s legal and what’s not.

As they sort out fact from fiction, the McKinleys make the final decision about whether or not they should open a private investigation firm.

My Thoughts:

While Sara and Sean are out picking out Christmas trees with Sara's parents they meet their neighbors the Wilson's.  A nice elderly couple who Sara and Sean want to get to know better.  After getting home and setting up the tree, and bidding a farewell to Sara's parents they hear sirens and find their newly met neighbors house on fire.  The fire department is quick to rule the fire  a holiday related fire with the tree, but Sara wonders if something more sinister is happening?  Who killed the Wilsons?

This book is fabulous and definitely great for Christmas cozy lovers.  This one brings you closer with Sara's parents and more time with Adam their tech guy in NY.  They investigate which leads them to some questionable areas but with Sara and Sean they won't leave until they get their guy.  This book was no different and I think anyone who loves Christmas cozies will love this story!

Review: Valentine's Day Is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Valentine's Day Is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Hibbert Stiles Publishing Inc
Series: McKinley Mysteries #8
Pages: 134
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


Jimmy finally takes a vacation--and a chance on love--only to be abducted. His female companion originally thinks he had cold feet about their relationship, but Sean and Sara know there’s more to it. Jimmy isn’t the type to just up and disappear, let alone leave a lady stranded. 

Setting out on their private jet, Sean and Sara reach the tropical paradise of Ocho Rios, Jamaica with sightseeing as the last thing on their minds. 

With a gold coin being their initial tie to Jimmy’s kidnapper, Sean and Sara even speculate about the involvement of pirates. Yet as the hours pass, and there’s no word from Jimmy’s captors, Sean and Sara will need to figure out the real motive before it’s too late. 

With help from their friend, Adam, back in Albany, the pieces come together and not a moment too soon.

My Thoughts:

This book begins with Jimmy out on date with Meredith a divorcee who isn't sure where her relationship with Jimmy is headed when Jimmy is kidnapped and Sean and Sara are called in to save Jimmy.

This book had Sara and Sean in all sorts of directions trying to figure out who the bad guys were and what they wanted with Jimmy and who the real target was.

I really enjoyed this book it was full of adventure and mystery along with some romance.  It pulls you in and won't give up until everyone is safe and sound!  Definitely a great cozy series!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Review: Shopping Is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Shopping Is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publishing: Hibbert Stiles Publishing Inc
Series: McKinley Mysteries #6
Pages: 159
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


Black Friday should be all about shopping and discounts, but Sean and Sara get more than they bargained for. When they only have a few more items left to buy, screams fill the mall—and for good reason. A man has fallen to his death from the second level. 

But what exactly happened isn’t that straightforward, and normally, Sean and Sara would leave this matter to the police, but the widow was a childhood friend of Sara’s. While the police are leaning toward the belief the man intentionally took the leap, the widow is adamant her husband would never jump and asks Sara for her help. 

Despite the fact there is an unresolved past between the friends—in which Sara feels she let her down—Sara can’t turn her back on her now. Fueled by guilt and the need to find answers, Sara convinces Sean they should look into the man’s death. 

But the answers aren’t all coming quickly. Mall security has dropped the ball and there’s no seeming motive for murder. To find out the truth will take unconventional means, a little undercover work, and the help of their friend Jimmy. And if it all comes together, they just might have this case wrapped up in time for the holidays. Maybe even with a pretty little bow.

My Thoughts:

This book finds Sara and Sean shopping at the mall determined to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones.  As someone screaming brings Sean and Sara running out of the latest store they enter to find someone has fallen over the 2nd floor, as Sara approaches she recognizes a friend of her's from school.  There are no shortage of people in the mall during the incident.  Did Sara's old friend's husband commit suicide or was he helped to his death?

Of course Sara decides they must investigate especially after visiting her friend who begs for their help.  As they begin to investigate Sara thinks it might be connected to a yellow plain bag that the husband was holding.  Was he meeting someone?  Was it enough to kill for?

This book series is fun and really pulls you in and you want to keep going to solve the crime, if for Sara nothing other than repairing her relationship with her friend.  I really enjoy learning more and more about Sara and Sean as the series is continues.  This is a great series for anyone and everyone who loves a great cozy mystery with a crime fighting duo.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review: Booked For Trouble by: Eva Gates

Title: Booked For Trouble
Author: Eva Gates
Publisher: NAL
Series: Lightinghouse Library Mystery #2
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Source: Personal Purchase


The author of By Book or By Crook returns to the Outer Banks and the Lighthouse Library, where Lucy Richardson must shed light on a shocking murder…

Lucy has finally found her bliss as a librarian and resident of the Bodie Island Lighthouse. She loves walking on the beach, passing her evenings with the local book club, bonding with the library cat, Charles, and enjoying the attention of not one, but TWO eligible men. But then her socialite mother, Suzanne, unexpectedly drops in, determined to move Lucy back to Boston—and reunite her with her ex-fiancé.

To make matters worse, Suzanne picks a very public fight at the local hotel with her former classmate Karen Kivas. So, when Karen turns up dead outside the library the next morning, Suzanne is immediately at the top of the suspect list. Now Lucy must hunt down a dangerous killer—before the authorities throw the book at her poor mother…

My Thoughts:

In this book Lucy is enjoying her time in Outer Banks when her mother surprises her with a visit but Lucy can't help but wonder what the real agenda is but before Lucy can figure that out her mother has some argument with an old classmate.   Not long since the argument  Karen Kivas the old classmate of Lucy's mother winds up dead and the pressure is on Lucy's mother Sue who finds herself the prime suspect in this situation!  Who killed Karen and why?

This book is such an incredible series with the togetherness of these friends have and watching the relationship between Lucy and her mother and how they try to establish some sort of relationship and get to the bottom of things.

Also watching her relationships between Connor, Butch and Lucy and her bond with her cousin is getting better as she stops in frequently to get lunch or breakfast.  They seem to really be connected!  I love this series and can't wait to see what is next for this group of friends!  Next in the series is:

Review: Family Is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Family is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Hibbert Stiles Publishing Inc
Series: McKinley Mysteries #5
Pages: 119
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


The search for a maid results in a mess. 

When a woman shows up and claims to be Sara's birth mother, it pits Sara and Sean against each other. Sara opens her heart and wants to believe the woman, but Sean is suspicious of her true identity and motive. After all, there are billions at stake. But when the woman goes missing and a dead body turns up, they both start to question the truth. 

Led by Sara's intuition, they pursue all possible leads and soon realize they may have welcomed a killer into their home.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Sara and Sean as they are deep in interviews with women in hopes of finding a maid/cook/organizer.  The next interviewer is late and Sara and Sean find themselves face to face with a woman claiming to be Sara's mother, which puts Sean on the fence about whether or not this woman is who she claims to be.  Is she after Sara and Sean's money or is she the real deal?

Not long after this the woman goes missing and so did the maid who applied for the shop but failed to show up for the interview.  Which make Sara and Sean wonder what happened and where are the two women?

This book has so much going on especially as they persue a killer to figure out what happened.  This book really showed a strain between Sara and Sean.  Sara's quick to accept the woman as her mother without knowing for sure and Sean hesitant to jump into the fire!  I can't wait to see what is next I love this series so much it's got fun and adventure and tons of mystery to solve!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Review: Politics is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Politics is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Hibbert Stiles
Series: McKinley Mysteries #4
Pages: 134
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


For Sean and Sara, a local television interview turns into a high-profile investigation. The host's niece has gone missing, but the girl isn't just anyone, she's the daughter of Albany's mayor. Not knowing whether she's run away, been kidnapped-or worse-murdered, Sean and Sara set out to get the answers. It will have them using all the resources at their disposal. 4th in the McKinley Mysteries

My Thoughts:

In this book Sean and Sara get called to visit with the mayor of NY whose daughter has disappeared and it's up to Sara and Sean to figure out if the good daughter has suddenly gone bad?  Or did something more sinister happen?  This book takes them to Virginia and back all in the name of finding the daughter.  Will they find her time?

I love this series short little mysteries that pull you in and won't let you go until you find out the truth and this one didn't disappoint in the least.  With these books you feel like you are Jimmy a friend to both Sean and Sara and want to help out if you can.  These books remind of some tv shows from the 80's that had simple mysteries that weren't always simple to solve.  Can't wait to see what is next for Sara and Sean!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Review: Money is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Money is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Hibbert & Styles
Series: McKinley Mysteries #3
Pages: 154
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


Old Man Quinn left Sean more than his billions-he left him a murder to solve. Inside the chest given to him from the executor of Quinn's Will, Sean finds a key and implicit instructions that the contents are for his eyes only. After Sean discovers where the key fits, he finds another letter-Quinn wants a closed case reopened, and Sean is shocked to learn who the victim was. As Sean and his wife, Sara, uncover clues, it leads them from the back rooms of Quinn's corporation to the streets of New York City, but they will stop at nothing to get to the truth.

My Thoughts:

This book follows right where the last one took off in this one Sara and Sean are accepting things from Mr. Quinn's will including a note asking Sean to investigate the death of his daughter Cindy Quinn.  Supposedly Cindy died of suicide but the question remains why would an asthmatic take sleeping pills knowing it would hurt them?  As they investigate they learn that she was married to Robert who is the most likely suspect even though he says he's innocent.  Will Sara and Sean get to the bottom or will their time run out?

This is such a great cozy series with so much going on.  The mysteries are right there waiting for them to solve and they seem to have an incredible knack at solving them.  It's like being on a ride right along with Sara and Sean and watching as they put the pieces together.  Can't wait to see what is next!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Review: Vacation is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: Vacation is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Createspace
Series: McKinley Mysteries #2
Pages: 142
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


There's only so much relaxation two former detectives can handle—even if they're on their honeymoon. With their recent fall into money, Sean and Sara McKinley should be living it up, enjoying the sun and beaches of Cancun. But heading into their third week they've had just about enough lying around.

When the husband of a couple they've befriended is kidnapped and held for ransom, it has the McKinleys putting their experience to use. As they set out in the unfamiliar landscape of paradise, the investigation will have them risking their lives to stop a killer.

My Thoughts:

This book follows former detectives Sara and Sean McKinley who are on their honeymoon in Cancun what they didn't count on is mystery following them.  When the husband of a couple Sara and Sean meets goes missing it's up to Sara and Sean to find him.  Who took Earl and why?

This book continues not far from where the previous one left off.  It's full of sun and fun and mystery which always makes for a good mystery.  This one was full of suspense and mystery which draws you in wanting to find out what happened to the husband and who the mysterious girl in the sunhat is.  Can't wait to see what is next in the series!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Review: The Day Job is Murder by: Carolyn Arnold

Title: The Day Job is Murder
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Hibert & Styles
Series: McKinley Mysteries #1
Pages: 76
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


For Sean McKinley, working in Albany PD Homicide is great except for one thing - he's in love with his partner Sara Cain. And even though she feels the same way about him, she convinced him they should just remain friends. Two years later, nothing has changed. Yet, during the course of a murder investigation, when Sean finds out an old friend has died, it results in something that has the potential to change his life - and Sara's - forever. It goes to prove one unexpected act of kindness has the power to ripple throughout the years and bring happiness...even when The Day Job is Murder.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Sean McKinley and his partner Sara prior to them being married when Sara wouldn't be anything more than friends with Sean.  In this book a victim Sean helped years ago has died and Sean is approached about an inheritance.  Unaware that his victim/friend had anything of value Sean gets some powerful words from beyond the grave!

I really enjoyed this story and how we get to see Sean and Sara work together and how they came to be a couple.  It was an enjoyable quick read that has you wanting to know more about Sara and Sean.  Can't wait to see what is next for them.  Next in the series is:

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Review: Honeymoons Can Be Murder by: Heather Haven

Title: Honeymoons Can Be Murder
Author: Heather Haven
Publisher: Wives of Bath Press
Series: Lee Alvarez Mysteries
Pages: 57
Purchase: Author


When PI Lee Alvarez goes on her honeymoon with bridegroom, Gurn Hanson, they find a dead woman practically on their doorstep. Kauai breezes may be soft, but there are gale force winds of accusation against Gurn. Will Lee find the real killer before her new hubby gets sent to a Hawaiian hoosegow?

My Thoughts:

This book picks up on the honeymoon of Lee and Gurn who are spending their honeymoon in Hawaii.  When they stumble upon a Californian dead on the beach of Hawaii the police detective Kim is quick to place blame on Gurn, but does he really have any connection to this dead victim?

As pressure gets put onto Gurn and Lee to figure out what happened.  The more they look into it the more the suspects dwindle down and something brings it all back to Lee and she figures it out, but can she prove it before she finds herself dead?

I love this series it's so much fun reading as they figure out who did the what and why.  I will be following this family for a long long time as they are a great team and work so well together!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Review: A Ghostly Secret by: Tonya Kappes

Title: A Ghostly Secret
Author: Tonya Kappes
Publisher: Createspace
Series: Ghostly Southern Mysteries #7
Pages: 250
Format: Kindle e-book
Source: Personal Purchase


Checking out! 

Emma Lee Raines, proprietor of a small-town Kentucky funeral home, Eternal Slumber, is a “Betweener,” helps ghosts stuck between here and the ever-after— only murdered ghosts. After Emma Lee solves who murdered them, only then can they cross over to the Great Beyond, Big Guy In The Sky. 
Emma Lee is up against a cold case that happened before she’d even gotten her “Betweener” gift. Not only is the ghost of eight-year-old Betsy Lynn Brady, but Mr. Whiskers Betsy’s cat needs to cross the Rainbow Bridge. 
Betsy Lynn Brady has no idea who murdered her or why. With her heart in shambles, Emma Lee begs her sexy beau, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross to reopen the cold case because Betsy’s head is always stuck in a book and can’t remember exactly what happened to her. 

Emma Lee learns real fast that someone doesn’t want her to snoop around the cold case. Can she help Betsy cross over and get Mr. Whiskers cross the Rainbow Bridge before someone helps Emma Lee check out from the living?

My Thoughts:

This book follows Emma Lee who owns the small town funeral home Eternal Slumber.  Not long after the death of her sister Charlotte she has been visited by a cat Mr. Whiskers and a little girl.  She finds herself having difficulty identifying who the girl as and the girl ghost can't tell her much at all.

The little girl is connected to another ghost who is involved in Betsy Lynn Brady's death was it her mother or her soon to be step-father?  Emma Lee also finds out that Jack Henry Ross is about to take a temporary job away from Emma Lee and Emma can't decide if they will survive this?  Emma is also still dealing with the death of her sister and finding her way without her!

This book was full of so much stuff going on. Emma making new friends and spending time with girls while Jack Henry is away.  She also solves a couple of cases of her clients that need to cross over and she finds herself helping her grandmother plan her wedding to Doc Clyde.  I really can't wait to see what awaits Emma Lee next!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Revew: Devil's Cut by: J.R. Ward

Title: Devil's Cut
Author: J.R. Ward
Publisher: Ballantine
Series: The Bourbon Kings #3
Pages: 418
Format: Hardcover
Source: Personal Purchase


In #1 New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward’s thrilling finale of the Bourbon Kings series, the Bradford family dynasty teeters on the edge of collapse after the murder of their patriarch—and a shocking arrest.

At first, the death of William Baldwine, the head of the Bradford family, was ruled a suicide. But then his eldest son and sworn enemy, Edward, came forward and confessed to what was, in fact, a murder. Now in police custody, Edward mourns not the disintegration of his family or his loss of freedom . . . but the woman he left behind. His love, Sutton Smythe, is the only person he has ever truly cared about, but as she is the CEO of the Bradford Bourbon Company’s biggest competitor, any relationship between them is impossible. And then there’s the reality of the jail time that Edward is facing.

Lane Baldwine was supposed to remain in his role of playboy, forever in his big brother Edward’s shadow. Instead he has become the new head of the family and the company. Convinced that Edward is covering for someone else, Lane and his true love, Lizzie King, go on the trail of a killer—only to discover a secret that is as devastating as it is game-changing.

As Lane rushes to discover the truth, and Sutton finds herself irresistibly drawn to Edward in spite of his circumstances, the lives of everyone at Easterly will never be the same again. For some, this is good; for others, it could be a tragedy beyond imagining. Only one thing’s for certain: Love survives all things. Even murder.

My Thoughts:

This is the last book in the Bourbon Kings trilogy and everything you knew or thought you knew got thrown out the window.  Truths become revealed that people may not want revealed in protecting others.  Gin makes some truthful decisions that she really needed to make.  Friends banded together to help the Baldwine's and they uncover who the killer really was which is shocking to say the least!

I loved this series it was great to visit Kentucky and see what people are up to.  It was such fun to travel with Max, Lane, Gin, and Edward to see where they land and what is up next for them.  I know whenever I need some major drama and suspense I can go back and read this trilogy and enjoy the bourbon as it flows!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Review: Olive and Let Die by: Susannah Hardy

Title: Olive and Let Die
Author: Susannah Hardy
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Greek To Me Mystery #2
Pages: 290
Format: e-book
Source: Author Sent


The second Greek to Me Mystery from the author of Feta Attraction

As manager of the Bonaparte House, a historic landmark and Greek restaurant in upstate New York, Georgie Nikolopatos knows her local legends—and her traditional Greek recipes are to die for.

Between her soon-to-be ex-husband Spiro coming out of the closet and her budding romance with Captain Jack Conway, Georgie’s life is beginning to feel like a soap opera.  And that’s before a surprise visit from her estranged mother Shirley, better known as soap star Melanie Ashley. But the dramatic family reunion takes a chilling turn when another long-lost relative turns up dead.

Just outside Spiro’s new restaurant, Georgie and Melanie find the body of Doreen Webber—a cousin Georgie never knew she had. With Spiro’s partner Inky on the list of suspects, Georgie begins to wonder what else her mother may be hiding. Is the dead-broke diva capable of murder?  She’d better find out before someone adds a new twist to the family plot.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Georgie whose been working with Sophie her almost ex-mother in law at the restaurant when Georgie's mother appears out of nowhere.  Within a short time Georgie's cousin Doreen Webber is found dead and the police arrest Inky Spiro's boyfriend for the crime.  Georgie decides to figure out what is going on and why her mother is here.  Will Georgie figure it out in time or will everyone involved run out of time?

I loved this book which really focuses on greek influence and mystery.  I love how she is dating now and is accepting of her husband's relationship with his boyfriend.  I also loved the relationship between Georgie and Sophie.  It's really a mother daughter bond.  As Georgie has such a horrible relationship with her own mother.  We really get to see the layers of issues between Melanie aka Shirley and Georgie.  These two really have a lot of work to do and will be interesting to see it progress!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Review: The Angels' Share by: J.R. Ward

Title: The Angels' Share
Author: J.R. Ward
Publisher: New American Library
Series: A Bourbon Kings Novel
Pages: 414
Format: Hardcover
Source: Personal Purchase


#1 New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward delivers the second novel in her Bourbon Kings series—a sweeping saga of a Southern dynasty struggling to maintain a façade of privilege and prosperity, while secrets and indiscretions threaten its very foundation…

In Charlemont, Kentucky, the Bradford family is the crème de la crème of high society—just like their exclusive brand of bourbon. And their complicated lives and vast estate are run by a discrete staff who inevitably become embroiled in their affairs. This is especially true now, when the apparent suicide of the family patriarch is starting to look more and more like murder…

No one is above suspicion—especially the eldest Bradford son, Edward. The bad blood between him and his father is known far and wide, and he is aware that he could be named a suspect. As the investigation into the death intensifies, he keeps himself busy at the bottom of a bottle—as well as with his former horse trainer’s daughter. Meanwhile, the family’s financial future lies in the perfectly manicured hands of a business rival, a woman who wants Edward all to herself.

Everything has consequences; everybody has secrets. And few can be trusted. Then, at the very brink of the family’s demise, someone thought lost to them forever returns to the fold. Maxwell Bradford has come home. But is he a savior...or the worst of all the sinners?

My Thoughts:

This is the second book in the Bourbon Kings trilogy in this one we follow the Bradford family as they prepare for the funeral of William Baldwine who has died under questionable circumstances and it's up to Lane to make sense of it all and to try to fix his family and the company.  This entails a lot of questionable things he ends up doing.

Edward seems to be saying good-bye in his own way whether or not he really killed his father, Edward has decided to take the blame himself.  He's determined for Lane, Gin and his mother to have a good life now that William is gone.  Was Edward just abused one too many times and this was his recourse?  Or was it someone else?

I loved going back to Easterly and watching how the Bradford's deal with everything they are handed and to see if Lizzie King and Lane can figure out who really killed William Bradford and why?  This book left you with more questions than answers.  I can't wait to see where it winds up in Devil's Cut!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: Twelve Angry Librarians by: Miranda James

Title: Twelve Angry Librarians
Author: Miranda James
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Cat in The Stacks #8
Pages: 259
Format: Hardcover
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The "New York Times" bestselling author of "No Cats Allowed "and "Arsenic and Old Books" is back with more Southern charm and beguiling mystery as Charlie and Diesel must find a killer in a room full of librarians... 

Light-hearted librarian Charlie Harris is known around his hometown of Athena, Mississippi, for walking his cat, a rescued Maine Coon named Diesel. But he may soon be taken for a walk himself in handcuffs... 

Charlie is stressed out. The Southern Academic Libraries Association is holding this year s annual meeting at Athena College. Since Charlie is the interim library director, he must deliver the welcome speech to all the visiting librarians. And as if that weren't bad enough, the keynote address will be delivered by Charlie s old nemesis from library school. 

It's been thirty years since Charlie has seen Gavin Fong, and he s still an insufferable know-it-all capable of getting under everyone s skin. In his keynote, Gavin puts forth a most unpopular opinion: that degreed librarians will be obsolete in the academic libraries of the future. So, when Gavin is found dead, no one seems too upset... 

But Charlie, who was seen having a heated argument with Gavin after the speech, has jumped to the top of the suspect list. Now Charlie and Diesel must check out every clue to refine their search for the real killer among them before the next book Charlie reads comes from a prison library..."

My Thoughts:

Our beloved Charlie Harris and his cat Diesel are back along with everyone else in Athena Mississippi.  Laura and her husband are deciding whether to move to Virginia or stay in Athena.  Which of course has Charlie on pins and needles waiting to see what they decide.  The college is still looking for Dean to take over at the college.  And of course they are getting ready for SALA convention in town for librarians.  With it includes Charlie's nemesis Gavin Fong who went to college with Charlie and his wife.  Gavin made advances at Jackie Charlie's wife after one time to many Charlie gets in a fight and knocks Gavin on his butt of course this happens again in the present.

Gavin has applied to work at the college as the Dean and Charlie can't in good concience take it seriously and tells the board he isn't supporting Gavin.  Gavin even goes so far as to threaten Charlie with exposing the fight from years ago.  Of course Charlie won't give into blackmail.  When Gavin winds up collapsing at the convention after drinking out of his water bottle the heat gets put on Charlie for another fight between the two the previous day. Now Charlie and Diesel have to hunt out the real killer in a convention of librarians who all seem to have bad blood with Gavin will Diesel and Charlie figure it out in time?  Will Laura and her husband relocate to Virginia?  Who will be the Dean of the college?

I love Charlie and Diesel I would love to go to their house and visit them.  While I know in reality I can't I jump at any chance to read these books they are my go to for a great mystery and great characters. I also love the cover art for these books with the big ole cat on the cover.  This story didn't disappoint while we saw a side of Charlie I'm sure he wished would stay hidden in my eyes it made him more real and genuine some times guys have tempers and act rash but doesn't make him out to be a horrible guy just a guy who cares and wants to protect those close to them. I loved how this one was totally different then previous mysteries there were so many secrets and yet the ending was totally surprising.  What was also nice was seeing what Laura and her husband decide on relocating for better job and pay.  It was definitely a will they move or won't they and I was wondering like Charlie what they would choose!  Can't wait to see what is next in this series!

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