Thursday, December 3, 2020

Book Tour: Safe Harbor by: Gerhardt Roberts


Safety is a foreign word, danger is everywhere and love is a luxury they can’t afford...

By Gerhardt Roberts

In World War II Berlin, Jews such as Erich Reinhold, who can pass for Aryan, and his sweetheart, Nessa Baumgartner, go underground. In a city where Jewish life is being snuffed out, they soon find themselves in a world of false identification papers and forged ration cards, risking their lives to help others escape to freedom. Safety is a foreign word, danger is everywhere and love is a luxury they can’t afford. But maybe, in spite of danger and separation, they will find their safe harbor.

My Review: 

This book was an incredible look at World War II Germany and everything that happened and the lengths people went through to do the right thing.  Enrich and his girlfriend Nessa do all sorts of things that normal teenagers don't think of.  They grow up in a scary time in history and find a way to make it work for them.  This book had so much going on it just blew me away that the writer came up with this fabulous take on such a brutal time in Germany and turned it into a fabulous adventure!

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R.F. Rabe (Gerhardt Roberts) grew up in Germany and has been a Professor of German for the past 35 years at various colleges and universities. In the 1970’s he served in the Army Security Agency as a German linguist and intelligence analyst. His passion is all things German: the language, the culture and the history.

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