Friday, December 6, 2013

Melissa Foster Has Done It Again

Melissa Foster who has put out some incredible books I've loved. which was a great story between mother, daughter, friends etc.  Then there was the thriller Chasing Amanda.  Everything Melissa touches becomes a great masterpiece.  One of her latest books has made the New York Times Best Seller Lists.  At number #15 Have No Shame has made the list.  If you haven't read her books you really out to check them out.  My favorite one is Come Back To Me.  And if your like me you will find Melissa is so easy to talk to and an overall great friend. Link to NY Times Best Seller List
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2 shout outs:

Melissa Foster said...

Thanks for the shout out Paula!! Love the site XOXO

Paula said...

you totally deserve it what a great thing to have happen!