Monday, December 9, 2013

Review The Christmas Owl by: Angela Muse

Title: The Christmas Owl
Author: Angela Muse
Publisher: 4EYESBOOKS
Pages: 36
Format: Kindle ebook
Source: Request Review


A Barred owl becomes injured and must ask others for help. He promises to give back to those who have a generous heart and he is true to his word.

My Thoughts: 

When a owl becomes injured close to Christmas and needs to heal he makes three friends who are all weary of him being an owl.  It was a great book about being hospitable with others sometimes good things can come of it.  I really enjoyed this story as did my kids they loved the pictures.

Natalie enjoyed the friends that the owl made.  Caitlyn loved seeing how it ended! Alexis loved the pictures and the book trailer!

Below is the book trailer what a great book just in time for the holiday season!

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