Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Editorial: Love in the 20's from women's point-of-view

I always say I was born at the wrong end of the 19th century. I should've lived in the 20's in my 20's! Keeping an eye on everything 20's, I caught NPR's Prohibition-Era Passion: Three '20s Books on Trailblazing Loves article. It tells us a little bit about how '20s is a period of immense change (mostly in the US and England, though) and how this is reflected in the people fell in love and then, of course, the literature. The three books NPR shared are all written by women, which I believe is another proof of how women tend to be brave and courageous. I'll let you be the judge, though, obviously, so check them out here.

2 shout outs:

Paula said...

great article really makes you wonder sometimes if I was from the wrong era.

Zimlicious said...

Same here!

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