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Review Cinnamon Summer by: Christine Cunningham

Title: Cinnamon Summer
Author: Christine Cunningham
Publisher: Eternal Beginnings Publishing
Pages: 96
Series: Willow Reed
Format: ebook
Source: Request Review


Loneliness can make you desperate.

Her father's ailing health forces Camille and her son, Peter to move from the city lights of Chicago to the moonlight of small-town, Willow Reed. Nothing is familiar and nothing feels like home. Her new job in the town's bakery is harder than she expected and the strange chemistry between Camille and her boss, Émile is confusing to say the least. A surprising email from her ex-husband makes her feel all the anxiety and loneliness she’s been trying to suppress.

Will the upcoming nuptials for Camille's ex-husband push her into the arms of the wrong man?

My Thoughts: 

This was a great novella in which we watch as Camille balances her new life in Willow Reed after leaving Chicago.  When her father needs her Camille comes home and makes a life for herself and her son.  Not long into this drama unfolds when Camille's ex-husband Erik is getting married and wants Peter to be there for the wedding also implying to be more active in Peter's life.  And there is over course a new man interested in Camille but is he truly what she is looking for?

I don't usually enjoy novellas because they are usually missing something but this one wasn't it.  It was great reading about Willow Reed and the people there.  This story was really sweet and enjoyed watching Camille find her way and decide what was important to her!
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Unknown said...

Thank you for the sweet review. :)

Paula said...

you're welcome it was a great treat to read it

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