Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Title: How To Fight A Cold by: Adam T. Newman

Title: How To Fight A Cold
Author: Adam T. Newman
Publisher: MiLo Ink Books
Pages: 38
Format: ebook
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A young boy with a COLD stays home to rest and feel better when he suddenly gets sucked into a strange world where he is coached by a "freshly picked" trainer named Boogie, who then teaches him how to fight a tough COLD. Will Boogie's training be enough for our hero to defeat the big and mighty COLD? With determination, good instruction and a spoonful of luck, our hero may just have a chance.

My Thoughts: 

This was a great story about what happens when you are sick.  When the young boy gets sucked up into a strange new place he gets trained by Boogie his trainer.  He is being trained to fight the big and evil COLD.  This book was too cute and funny and great for sick kids to read while they are on the mend.  My kids thought this was soo funny especially the trainer of the hero.  They were in hysterics. Fabulous idea with this story!
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