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Title: Loco, Razor 8 by: P.T. Macias

Title: Loco, Razor 8
Author: P.T. Macias
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Pages: 183
Format: kindle ebook
Source: Request Review


The hard driven, ambitious delta force operator is immune to women. His heart has been destroyed by a treacherous woman and the unexpected loss of his family. These events have driven him nearly into insanity. The hard knocks in life propel him into grasping his emotions, his thoughts, and his physical condition. He focused on his goal. Loco doesn’t allow any type of distractions or obstacles to stop him. His actions and recklessness have earned him his nickname, Loco.

The Infinite power, Razer 8 operatives, are united and linked for infinity. His team mates recognize his pain, anger, and strength is derived from the intense impotency he feels from his loss.

The unexpected mission and unexpected encounter with his soul mate, tests his strength. His mind, heart, and soul recognize his love even before the actual encounter. The ruthless criminals threaten to harm his soul mate, pushing and transforming him into a fearless warrior.

My Thoughts: 

What an incredible moving story with so much passion.  When the book opens Roberto is dealing with the death of his family, and not long into gets his heart smashed again by a girl he loved.  Having sworn of women forever, he enters the Delta Force.  

Claudia is a FBI Agent undercover cleaning up the streets from dirt bags when she finds herself in need of rescuing being held captive by a Mexican drug lord.  It's up to Delta Force to rescue her.

This book had everything lots of actions, adventure and lots of family togetherness. You could tell the author was big into family togetherness which is great.  I loved that the two characters went round each other until they were involved with each other.  When that happened boy did the sparks fly!

Certain parts of the book were filled with oh my goodness hot and steamy definitely a great book for those who love steamy Mexican characters!  Much Love to the author for a great book to read!!
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