Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Review: A Killer Christmas Wish by: Lynn Cahoon

Title: A Killer Christmas Wish
Author: Lynn Cahoon
Publisher: Kensington 
Series: Cat Latminer Mystery #7
Format: e-book ( 174 p.) Personal Purchase


From NYT bestselling author, Lynn Cahoon, comes a new Cat Latimer mystery. Santa's on his way, but the house Cat shares with her best friend and a monthly writing retreat isn't even decorated yet.Christmas is coming early to Cat Latimer's Writers Retreat. Cat and the gang aren't feeling the Christmas spirit. First up on her to do list, the last retreat of the year. A group of non-fiction authors dying to get into the Covington library. When one writer is found dead before the first retreat session, Cat must find the killer before he puts her on his naughty list.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Cat, Seth, Shauna and Uncle Pete as they are ready for the newest retreat to begin.  Cat finds herself hearing more about her ex than she wanted.  Everywhere she turns it's something about Michael Latimer.  What she doesn't know is why someone is so interested with her ex?  

This retreat is all about non fiction which works well with the visit to Covington Library and the Professor who speaks to them.  Cat is also under a big deadline for her last Teen novel about Tori and magic.  She also is working on her wedding plans that don't seem to be going perfectly.

I love this series it's totally different then other series as the main thing is writers and writing retreats which has it's ups and downs.  Unfortunately someone winds up dead and this puts a major kink in the holiday cheer along with Seth being distant with Cat.  Does it have to do with the Michael talks or is it something else?

Check out this series if you haven't yet you are missing something that really pulls you in and won't let go until the end of the story and leaves you awaiting the next book!