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Review: So Damn Lucky by: Deborah Coonts

Title: So Damn Lucky
Author: Deborah Coonts
Pages: 400
Publisher: Forge
Series: Lucky O’Toole #3
Format: Paperback (Arc)
Source: FSB Media


Lucky O’Toole—Head of Customer Relations at The Babylon, premier mega-resort on the Vegas Strip—thinks it’s just another night in Las Vegas. But then a magician pulls a disappearing act, right under Lucky’s nose. Is it a stunt? Or something worse?

While Lucky chases leads, someone is trying to put her off the scent. As if this wasn’t enough to ruin her day, Lucky’s relationship with The Big Boss is coming to a head—past hurts can no longer be denied. Of course, she is already on shaky emotional ground: Teddie, her live-in, has been touring with a young and lovely pop star. Paxton Dane, former coworker and would-be suitor, is still circling, hoping to find a chink in the armor of Lucky’s resolve.

And then, there’s this French chef, who is proving to be too hot to handle….

My Review:

This book was sent to me via FSB Media for a honest and fair review.  Lucky starts out having relationship issues with Teddy who is performing around the world.  Lucky wonders where their relationship is headed and where it went wrong.  When he comes back to see her she can tell something is wrong and in the end the two part ways.  Teddy leaves her his sax, with no explanation why. And when he is back on the road he keeps calling her, wanting the friendship they once had.
A Magician disappears performing The Water Torture Stunt that Houdini performed back in his day.  

At first it appears the magician died, only discover he never made it to the hospital.  Lucky with the help of Flash (her best friend) who is local reporter helps Lucky find things out, along with Romeo the local detective who’s first case was made due to Lucky’s help, and the Beautiful Jeremy Whitlock.  They find out that sinister things are a foot.  Delving deep into area 51 to find out what happened to the magician and his friends.

The Big Boss gets some exciting news from his girlfriend (turn wife during this book) Mona, who’s pregnant with child.  Having missed out on Lucky’s childhood he jumps at the chance to be part of the baby’s.  Also Lucky, and The Big Boss decide that hiding the pedigree is long over due and screw those that want to write about his bastard child.  In a heartbeat Lucky’s life is turned upside down, and we get to see the relationship between her and her father slowly start to repair itself.  Lucky has since moved into the hotel.  Putting as much distance between her and Teddy as possible.
Meanwhile two men are cozying up to Lucky.  The french chef who wants Lucky to move in with him, which has rebound written all over it.  That one she enters very slowly with getting to know each other.  Then Paxton Dane who helps Lucky with the magician case she let’s him know she’s damaged and wants to start out as friends.

Me personally I have a feeling there is more to the Teddy breakup then is being revealed, I wonder if he returns how that will play out.  Also I think Paxton Dane and Lucky would be great together. They seem to be a lot alike.  This book as all Ms. Coonts books doesn’t fail to deliver.  As long as she writes about Lucky I will always be a huge fan of her story telling, and reading about the bright lights of Vegas!  Definitely a fan!  Keep them coming Ms. Coonts!
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