Review Sherlock Homes by: Pamela Rose

by - Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Title: Sherlock Homes
Author: Pamela Rose
Publisher:  Pamela Rose
Pages: 205
Format: ebook
Source: Book Tour


Life imitating art?  That’s Finn Sherlock’s first bizarre thought when she stumbles across a dead body within the Civil War era hiding place inside Sherlock’s Home Mystery Bookstore.  Thinking that it’s her gnome-like Uncle Oz costumed to play the part of a fortunetelling druid for ‘All Hallows’ Eve,’ she is relieved when she learns that the hooded figure is not her favorite uncle, but the town’s favorite outcast, Odds Bodkins.

Unfortunately, murder suspects abound due to the fact that the mystery bookstore and its adjoining 221b Bakery were the first stop on the Leapers Point’ Halloween circuit and any number of people were on the scene for the annual ‘Fright Night’ tour.   More than that, Odds Bodkins was almost universally detested; far too many would agree that the assisted demise of the loathsome little witch was more treat than trick…possibly even a community service.

With a little help from Uncle Oz and her identical twin sister, Echo, Finn sets out to discover who amongst the congenial southern townsfolk had the audacity and plain bad manners to murder the contentious crone right under the Sherlock family noses.  Was it the fire and brimstone preacher Willie Ping?  ‘Blooming Idiots’ talented but slightly mental florist?   Or what about fluffy nonagenarian Eula May Binks…can anybody really be that sugary sweet?  But, when the local Sheriff, Wavy Davey, learns that it was Uncle Oz’s Halloween prop – a bona fide hangman’s noose – that was the murder weapon, there’s more heating up inside the 221b Bakery than just the ovens.

Join the heart of Dixie’s new sleuth Finn Sherlock as she resolutely follows in the footsteps of her namesake to create more than a little mayhem and detect a folksy murderer.   Sherlock’s Home Mystery Bookstore…where the game is always afoot.

My Thoughts: 

This book was sent to me for a honest and fair review in exchange for reading it.  Finn and Echo Sherlock run a mystery bookstore with a bakery next door.  When death happens nearby it is up to Echo and Finn and their Uncle Oz to figure out who murdered Odds Bodkins a recluse.

This book was great with characters that you can really connect with which is refreshing with a mystery book you can't always connect with characters.  This book had so much going for it humor, mystery, and of course drama.  This is also a great book for those who like seasonal reads like halloween, christmas, holiday added to your mysteries. This book had me guessing on who murdered Odds.  Definitely a great book to pick up to satisfy your mystery urges.  Can't wait to see what Ms. Rose comes up with next!

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