Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side by: Beth Fantaskey

Title: Jessica’s Guide To Dating on the Dark Side
Author: Beth Fantaskey
Publisher: Hartcourt
Pages: 351
Series: Jessica #1


The undead can really screw up your senior year …

Marrying a vampire definitely doesn’t fit into Jessica Packwood’s senior year “get-a-life” plan. But then a bizarre (and incredibly hot) new exchange student named Lucius Vladescu shows up, claiming that Jessica is a Romanian vampire princess by birth—and he’s her long-lost fiancĂ©. Armed with newfound confidence and a copy of Growing Up Undead: A Teen Vampire’s Guide to Dating, Health, and Emotions, Jessica makes a dramatic transition from average American teenager to glam European vampire princess. But when a devious cheerleader sets her sights on Lucius, Jess finds herself fighting to win back her wayward prince, stop a global vampire war—and save Lucius’s soul from eternal destruction.

 My Review:

I found this book different then your typical vampire book.  Not a ton of vampires going around sucking blood and killing humans.  This one find a girl who was born into royalty and kept hidden in the states while she grew unaware of her true calling, until a young vampire Prince approached her.  It had typical ups and downs with teens.  At first Jessica loathes the vampire Lucius wants nothing to do with him and for him to just leave.  

Slowly she begins to accept what he is by that point he has taken up with another teen girl, causing Jessica all sorts of jealousy issues. In the end the girl born princess flees to Romania to assume her identity as their princess and does the unthinkable to get her prince back.  I loved it the action and adventure as the two learn about each other and we get to see countless times that Lucius tries to see if there is a connection with Jessica.
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