Editorial Tom Clancy Dead At 66 there goes Jack Ryan

by - Wednesday, October 02, 2013

World known author Tom Clancy died Tuesday night in Baltimore hopsital.  He was well known for his books about the military including CIA agent Jack Ryan.
The following is the chronological order of the Jack Ryan series:
1 Patriot Games
2 Red Rabbit
3 The Hunt for Red October
4 The Cardinal in the Kremlin
5 Clear and Present Danger
6 The Sum of All Fears
7 Debt of Honor
8 Executive Orders
9     Command Authority

 He was a great author and will be greatly missed as will Jack Ryan the character he wrote a few books about.  May he rest in peace and know that he will be sorely missed!

Mr. Clancy had this great ability to write stories about various military situations, I know for one we have The Hunt for Red October and have watched it many times.  We have also seem The Sum of All Fears and I'm gonna look into getting his other books to review those on the site as a tribute to Tom Clancy.

 RIP Tom Clancy!

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