Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa Cruise by: Carol Higgins Clark & Mary Higgins Clark

Title: Santa Cruise
Author: Carol Higgins Clark & Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Scribner
Pages: 272
Series: Regan Reilly Mysteries #12


Alvirah Meehan, lottery winner turned amateur sleuth, and private investigator Regan Reilly are guests, along with their spouses, on the "Santa Cruise." The cruise is a gift from Commodore Randolph Weed to a select group that "has made the world a better place." His largesse is prompted by the desire to create a buzz about his new cruise ship, the Royal Mermaid, as she sets out on her maiden voyage.

Alvirah, Regan, and her new husband, Jack head of the NYPD Major Case Squad are joined as guests on the cruise by a mystery fan convention celebrating a "ghost of honor," as well as ten men who donated time playing Santa Claus, now hoping for a restful post-season. That tranquility vanishes when two Santa suits disappear from a locked room, a storm develops, and an attempt is made on a passenger's life. As the Royal Mermaid sails through troubled waters, Alvirah, Regan, and Jack uncover clues that lead them to dangerous criminals not on the original guest list....

My Review:

I loved this one it was great as the Rilley's and Meehan's head on a maiden voyage called The Santa Cruise.  Just when they think they can relax trouble stirs when the nephew of the owner is sneaking criminals aboard the ship to smuggle them to their destination, Eric is quick to hide them here and there when he thinks no one is looking.

Aboard the ship are 10 Santa's for a getaway for their hard work during the Christmas season but are met with 2 missing Santa costumes.  Eric used the two suits to hide his guests.

 I really enjoyed reading the mystery and adventure and look forward to a time when the group gets back together again!

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