Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Beautiful Place to Die by: Philip R. Craig

Title: A Beautiful Place To Die
Author: Philip R. Craig
Publisher: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 224
Series: Martha’s Vineyard Mystery #1


During his career as a Boston cop, Jeff "J.W." Jackson saw enough of the evil that men do to last a lifetime. So he retired to the serenity of Martha's Vineyard to spend his days fishing for blues and wooing a sexy nurse named Zee. But when a local's boat mysteriously explodes off the coast, killing an amiable young drifter, Jackson finds himself reluctantly drawn back into the investigative trade. For there is a serpent loose in paradise -- and it's contaminating Jackson's lovely, peaceful island with its poisonous venom of drugs and death.

My Review:

This book follows retired Boston Cop Jeff Jackson, more commonly known as J.W. When a local ship blows up he is contacted by the sister of the owner to investigate to find out what happened.  Turns out the case involved illegitimate children, drugs etc. 

Jeff has his hands full as he becomes the target of an angry drug addicted kid.  Jeff also bonds with a nurse named Zee, they seem to be bonding very well in this budding friendship/romance.

This is a cute book that is full of mystery, action, catching fish and so much more.

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