Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cantrip by: Rebecca McKinnon Review

Title: Cantrip
Author: Rebecca McKinnon
Series: The Refuge Triology Bk 2
Format: Kindle Edition
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She spent the summer in The Refuge. 
Now, she’s come home. 
Within days she realizes: 
She wants back in. 

Only two things stand in her way. The sister Narissa has protected for years can’t decide if she wants to go with her. And, of course, Narissa has no idea how to return to the splinter reality. 

Complicating matters, Narissa discovers she can no longer avoid the problems her unexpected trip allowed her to escape. 
Through it all, there’s one thing that keeps her going. She’s not the only person to have left The Refuge.

My Review: 

All I can say is OMG, I loved the relationship between Daman and Narissa, I loved watching it really take off.  Narissa leaves The Refuge to get her sister and hopefully bring her back, but finds out her sister really doesn’t need her anymore. 

The last thing Narissa counted on when she left The Refuge is the one who returned with her...Daman.  Daman followed her because to him his life is with her where ever she is.  Daman gets an eye opener on what life outside The Refuge is.

Meanwhile back at The Refuge Luke and his wife are doing their best to cover for Narissa and Daman, even going so far as quarantine them.  No one counted on Carol Daman’s mother deciding she wanted to be by her son’s side.  A son she shut out.  

Narissa learns the lengths her mother went through to get her hands on Narissa’s money.  In short order Narissa begins to work on plans for her family.  Insuring that her sister, would be safe from her mother and that her mother wouldn’t be able to spend the girls money.

Daman and Narissa take a leap in their relationship, which I think topped some of the great romances.  I love reading about their alone time just the two of them.  I also like Narissa longed for the return to The Refuge.
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