Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guest Post: Rebecca McKinnon

Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to post with us today.  Her two books are Annexed and Cantrip.  I put these books up there with The Hunger Series, Twilight Series, in some ways I think they are far better than Twilight Saga.  Her characters to me seem more real and greater than most known books I have read lately.  Definitely a great trilogy! ~Paula~

One night, my two young sons kept me awake for hours on end. When I finally did get a little sleep, I was dead to the word. For a whole 30 minutes. Then one of them got me up again. Did I mind? Of course I did. But then I realized there was a whole world that had appeared in my mind during that catnap. 

It wasn’t just a world. There were people—with in-depth back stories. Traditions were pre-formed. And, most importantly, there was a girl who didn’t belong. 

Over the next two days, I could barely function. I went through the motions, of course, but my thoughts were solely on this world, and the story I knew took place there. It clawed its way into my brain and would not be dislodged. 

Finally, I decided I had to get the story on paper. Maybe then it would quit harassing me. 

Yeah, right. Total backfire. Instead of setting it aside, I’ve spent so much time in that world that I almost believe it exists. 

Annexed, the first book in The Refuge Trilogy, tells most of the story that stole my attention. I’ve changed things here and there to make it better, but most of it was already there. Cantrip continues the story, and while a few things carry over as part of the original story, most of it was purposefully woven from my imagination. 

If you haven’t had a chance to read Annexed (the first book in The Refuge Trilogy), this is a great time! Until the end of December, the Kindle and Nook editions are FREE! 

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