Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gratitude Blog Hop Guest Post by: Raven c.s. McCracken

What I am thankful for
by: Raven c.s McCracken

As a writer, I'm thankful that my readers like my work. Writing, aside from being a compulsion, is one of the only things that I have complete control over. Since my fire 3 years ago, and the subsequent loss of all my possessions, I have come to be thankful for every day above ground. Nearly losing my life shook me out of a long complacency that had stopped me from writing. For years, I had let my desk collect dust-after creating Synnibarr in the early 1990s, a successful role-playing gaming system, I was content. Then came the inferno (roommate using both candles and tequila one night equaled disaster.) 

In the wake of the burn, I was completely adrift ... lost ... depressed ... suicidal even, and what came to my rescue, aside from all my friends, was my rebuilt computer. It seemed that, through a quirk of fate, my hard drive had survived!

As strange as it may sound, I suddenly felt that the fire was just what I needed ... It forged something deep inside. Without it, I may well have never written another book, let alone four this year! In a world where all seems uncertain, writing is my bastion of comfort. Ideas are so exciting to explore-new plots and characters all help me enjoy life and capture it, in print, where it will hopefully endure forever.

I think back to my youth, and the books that made my life worth living. Those works carried me through dark times and taught me much about life. Now, as an author myself, I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to make the same contribution through my writing. 

And while writing novels is something I love, creation of a universe, where players can act out their deepest desires is, in my mind, something even more extraordinary! Unlike a novel, where all is completely my creation, a role-playing game adds the variable of the players. I build the universe, write the story, but the players live in it, push it, and make the adventure much more than a novel could possibly become. I am thankful for having written stories, rules, settings, and fictionalized diary accounts that still please the thousands of Synners around our Worldship Earth!

Looking forward, over the next year, I hope to have the best of both writing worlds: to release a new, revised version of my World of Synnibarr game as well as books set in my "Worldship Centiverse." I also plan to continue exploring other characters and settings in new novels as I did with this year's The Brides, Merlin's Knot, Velocity Syndrome and It's Always Spring Break Somewhere in the Galaxy. 

Again, my thanks to all the readers and their support - you make it all worthwhile.

Raven c.s. McCracken

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Jennie Bennett said...

Isn't it amazing how the greatest tragedy can bring forth the biggest drive? wonderful post!

Unknown said...

You are correct - the greatest tragedies normally bring people together the closest. Great post!

Catherine Lee said...

Thanks for the Gratitude Blog e-book giveaway.


Janet said...

Thank you so much for participating in this awesome giveaway!!

LizzieBeth said...

Thank you kindly for participating in the giveaway and for a very inspirational post.

Sheila Deeth said...

What an amazing and inspirational story!

sheiladeeth at hotmail dot com

Sheila Deeth said...

Hi Paula,

I don't have your email. If you want to send it me I can send you the code for Melissa's book--Megan's Way.

sheiladeeth at hotmail dot com

AO said...

that was an amazing story Raven. thank you for sharing it and for being gracious.

all the best with your writing! c",)


Unknown said...

Hi there! GFC follower. Also on the hop. Donna

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