Monday, November 7, 2011

Annexed by: Rebecca McKinnon Review

Title: Annexed
Author: Rebecca McKinnon
Source: Author Sent E-Book for Tour
Pages: 296
Series: The Refuge Trilogy Bk 1

Friends or family?
Desire or responsibility?
She thought she’d made her choice.

Now, finding herself trapped in a world splintered from her own, Narissa is determined to return home. Learning that the means of crossing between realities has been lost, she vows to find the elusive gateway.

Narissa doesn’t plan to make friends. She certainly doesn’t intend to fall in love.
Faced with the decision, will she choose the life she wants, or return to the world where she belongs?

My Review: 

This was a great book, Narissa finds herself in The Refuge, at first she is confused and wanting to go home.  She finds that won't happen for a while.  She tries to make the best of it, she makes friends with Mac who she ends up living with his parents.  She also meets Daman who forms an unlikely friendship.  She also wrongs Crissy, who is out to get Narissa into all sorts of trouble.

Narissa also has to be careful not to corrupt the locals with what she knows and as she learns their history she learns they spend most of their time living in fear in certain situations.  Not treading to far in the water, as one example.  Also seeking the council for every question they have.  Narissa is able to sneak in one thing from our world, an ipod.  Narissa does form great friendships with the people around her, which is more than she had in our world.  Her big regret is her sister she left behind.

Definitely a great book really pulls you in wanting you to know more of their world and whether Narissa will ever get out of The Refuge or will she stay forever.

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