Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Bad Apple by: Sheila Connolly Review

Description off the website:
When Boston investment banker Meg Corey moves to Granford, Massachusetts, things don't go exactly smoothly. She has left behind a Boston job that was swallowed up in a bank merger, and ex boyfriend Chandler Hale, in exchange for a crumbling colonial house and an orchard. She figures she'll spend a little time fixing up the house to sell while she looks for a new job and licks her wounds. Things take a turn for the worse when Chandler shows up in town to manage a proposed commercial development project, but Meg can handle that. But then Chandler is found dead by next-door neighbor, plumber Seth Chapin, in her septic tank, and Meg is the sheriff's favorite suspect. With Seth's help she identifies the killer, but by then she has discovered that she doesn't want to leave Granford and her orchard.

This book was a great read especially for those that don't know alot about apple trees and orchards. It reads very well, some of it in Meg's mind and some when she is discussing things with others. This book was full of mystery and adventure. I totally recommend this to everyone who enjoys mystery. Definitely a 5 cup book.

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