The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

by - Tuesday, September 07, 2010

For those who were looking for a younger spin on Sex and the City with the Carrie Diaries, I think you will be very mistaken. This story could be anyone nothing in it really sets Carrie Bradshaw apart from other people. She has her crazy, angry sister who displeases her father everytime you turn around.

Then there are her friends that at best remind many of us of either or friends or kids at school that we saw that way. As with a typical book there is a bad boy. Things that are done in this book I couldn't see Bradshaw doing prior to Sex and The City. While it is a cute little book with a good story of the young girl. There is nothing that sets her out to know this is what Bradshaw will become later in life.

I rate this book 3 cups while it is a good little read, nothing in it grabbed my attention and kept me going this is why she is the way she is. In my opinion I think that Sex and The City has had it's run, and it's time to go out on a good note.

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