Monday, September 20, 2010

Shoulder Bags and Shootings by: Dorothy Howell

This book follows a young college student named Haley who has just come back from a mini-vacation with her new boyfriend Ty. When murder follows her in the trunk of her boyfriend's grandmother's car. The main suspect is Haley. During all of this Haley is scouring Los Angeles for a Sinful handbag.

While this is a good light read, not what one would consider a heavy mystery at all. Haley spends most of the time obsessing over a handbag, and getting her co-workers in all sorts of setbacks as they try to reach a high customer service rating. At times it felt a little cheesy for lack of a better word.

I think the author should have focused more on the murder and less on the handbag obsession. It's good for a person who loves handbags, but if your looking for a good mystery you might want to scour else where.
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