Definitely Dead by: Charlaine Harris

by - Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another great novel by Charlaine Harris in this one our beloved barmaid has to go to New Orleans to go through her cousin Hadley's things as Hadley has recently died. While she is dealing with this she also has to face her dark secret of what happened to Debbie. She has also gotten a new boyfriend with Quinn, the Bengal Tiger.

While she is at her cousins she meets a fellow witch who has kept the apartment in tact as Hadley had left it. Questions arise to Sookie as to what happened to Hadley. And Quinn's employee Jake who's been missing. When Sookie and her Hadley's landlord stumble across a newly made vampire.

This is where Sookie learns the truth about Bill. Just when you thought she couldn't hate him anymore. He kept such a big secret from her. And now she feels very much like the jilted lover. She has no love for him anymore just anger, and wishing she had a stake with his name on it.

We also learn more about the Queen Sophie-Anne and her relationship with Hadley and that in some odd way those two loved each other. And we also learn that even though the Queen married the King of Arkansas something is odd about him. Alot of power play at hand. And we actually get to see the Queen vulnerable a couple of times.

As always a great read, love the rides these books take you on. I rate this 4 cups as I am glad she is moving away from Bill but feel that part is still dragging. And that Debbie Pelt situation is a bit out of range with the story. Others haven't retaliated against Sookie except for the Pelt family. It felt forced. Can't wait to start the next one.

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