Dead and Gone by: Charlaine Harris

by - Friday, September 24, 2010

Dead and Gone follows Sookie Stackhouse our southern barmaid as she is adjusting to multiple roommates. Along with the Were community coming out of the closet. Which is a big deal. While not as scary as when the Vampires came out it's still a toss up as to how people act about it. Sam finds himself having to go to Texas to help his mom who's husband has shot her when she came out. Sookie finds herself playing bar owner while Sam is gone and finding a terrible death while helping out at the bar. Sookie also learns more about her faery background then she knew before. And gets roped into a terrible trick by Eric to appease the King of Nevada, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

I enjoyed this book and there were parts in the end that were so sad, definitely alot of changes in this book that will definitely alter Sookie's lifestyle. I am glad she is able to work things out some what with Eric. Which does help her in the long run.

My favorite line from the book is "The Vampire Loves You" which makes you wonder which one loves her. I rate this book 5 cups, can't put this one down.

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