Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dead Politican Society by: Robin Spano

This book is great it's about a group known as SPU who's been killing Politicans. Clare goes undercover to try to determine how deep SPU (Society for Public Utopia) goes and who's involved all the while trying to pretend to be a college student. The SPU is such a secret society then no one will mention it to anyone but who's involved. They leave business cards at the scene of crimes. Clare is also proving she can do undercover and move off of being a beat cop.

Annabel who's a writer for a local paper obituary is also trying to prove herself and get a book deal and takes it apon herself to contact Utopia Girl to work on a book deal to improve her standing. And at times it's feels like Annabel made a deal with the devil. Utopia Girl doesn't make it easy for Annabel makes her look deep and think about why this is happening what the greater picture is.

Matthew Easton is a local professor, who can't stand Clare being thrown in his class assuming it's cause she is made of money. Even though that is far from the case. The cops think he's connected to SPU, as it is what he teaches. A world that isn't what we have now. How to change things. Matthew is also going through women like their candy. Can't seem to commit on one. He dates and dumps them in rapid succession.

Brian Haas, who has some destination of wanting very badly to join up with SPU, they (SPU) won't allow him to join but that doesn't stop him from questioning everyone involved with SPU and those not involved. He assumes that everyone is involved and just keeping him out. He seems to have his own agenda led by his dad to join the secret society. He's leading a life drawn out by his parents knowing there are sacrifices he must make including his being gay. He has accepted the choices and knows someday he will have to marry for the greater good.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story with it's twists and turns and will be looking for other work from this author. This book was intriguing showing how close people can be connected without even knowing it. Definitely had me wondering who was responsible for the murders. I rate this a four tea cup as it was confusing in some areas but over all a great read.
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Robin Spano said...

Hey, thanks Paula! I'm thrilled that you found Dead Politician Society a fun read. (It was really fun to write.)

I like your teacup rating system...what book doesn't go with a good cup of tea?

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