Monday, September 20, 2010

ipad Review

I must admit I love the iPad, it's got the wonderful backlight while reading so it's able to be used in bed.  It's easier to flip pages.  It allows apps like Goodreads to work with it.  While the price is it a tad high it is worth the purchase.  I find myself at times using it more than even my computer.  I am able to read my rss feeds all from the ipad. Out of all the book devices out there I find I really enjoy the ipad more, it has kindle apps, Barnes and Noble apps, etc.  Which I think is great.

What do you think of the iPad?  I give it 5 cups.  As a great product that can be used for various functions.  You can even do blog posts via the iPad.  Which I think is great and worthwhile product.  Something that can be used when you want to give your computer a break.  I find myself at night curling up with the iPad and reading.

Which do you prefer when going electronic with books?  Share your thoughts here on it.
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