All Together Dead by: Charlaine Harris

by - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This book follows are beloved barmaid as she goes to the Vampire Summit, which seems to be a who's who in the vampire society. We meet again The King of Texas who is the Vampire Stan, King of Mississippi good ole Russell. While they are at the summit, Queen Sophie-Anne is being tried for the murder of her husband The King of Arkansas. Sookie is the Queen's ace in the hole. Sookie also stumbles across Barry the Bellboy from Texas who is now known as Barry Bellboy. He is the King of Texas's telepath. Of course Eric and Pam are in this book as always.

What I really liked about this book is Sookie really shows her skills under really bad situations, she over comes alot to help her friends, even ones she wish would buzz off. She pushes herself and it was amazing to think one little barmaid could push herself so hard like that. I am always impressed with the Sookie Stackhouse set I think Harris has really hit something with this series now I'm off to the next one.

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