Monday, September 20, 2010

Living Dead in Dallas by: Charlaine Harris

In this book we find Sookie and Bill being summoned to Eric to be sent to Dallas to investigate a few things. But like Sookie's life with Bill not everything is up to par. She first off has to pick up a coffin at the airport to bring to a hotel. Which inside contains her beloved boyfriend. She has to use her powers to determine what happened to a missing vampire, but alas in Sookie's favor is a deal she made the human would be turned over for justice or will he?

Great read as always Charlaine Harris has hit on something with her Sookie Stackhouse series. They draw you in and leave you just enough room to beg for more. I find myself having a great read and when it's over I'm dying for the next installation of Ms. Stackhouse. She is a strong character considering most women in books aren't always the strongest. I definitely recommend this series for anyone who's looking for a strong female role in a book. Hats off to you Ms. Harris you rock!
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