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Killer Crust by: Chris Cavender

Title: Killer Crust
Author: Chris Cavender
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 304
Series: Pizza Lovers #5
Format: ebook Arc
Source: NetGalley


Eleanor Swift isn’t amused when Laughing Luigi—the sketchy frozen pizza dough baron—walks into her Timber Ridge, North Carolina, pizzeria. But the contract for his pizza-making contest seems on the up-and-up…and sprucing up her beloved pizzeria, A Slice of Delight, with $25,000 in first-prize money would truly be a dream come true…

Sneaky Luigi, of course, left enough wiggle room in that contract to change the rules…and maybe settle some old scores. It seems Eleanor and her sister Maddy aren’t the only ones dishing the dirt on Luigi—the other contestants also know he’s a rat in the kitchen. Which makes things all the messier when the pizza dough king fails to rise after being found on the floor…murdered, with a slice of poisoned pizza!

If Eleanor and Maddy want to find the real killer and win the $25,000, they’re going to have to juggle seriously surreptitious sleuthing with pressure-packed pizza-making performances…before the real killer dishes them their own slices of death!

My Thoughts:

In this book Eleanor Swift and her sister Maddy are in a local competition to see who makes the best pizza.  Laughing Luigi is hosting a pizza making contest.  One couple is from Asheville, one is from Charlotte, Eleanor and Maddy form Timber Ridge, and a couple from Raleigh.  Two of them seem over confident they are going to win and two teams seem to be trying their best.

Then Laughing Luigi winds up murdered and everyone is a suspect.  Police Chief Kevin Hurley asks Eleanor and Maddy to investigate the murder, as does Gina from Tree Line the hotel hosting the contest.

There are plenty of suspects and a good part of this story was trying to narrow the suspects down, but that seemed slow going.  Between preforming contests and finding people to talk to the girls.  With the help of Hank a worker of Tree Line and the few contestants that would talk to them the girls were able to nab the murder before they were next.

I really enjoyed this book and was impressed with incorporating a contest mixed in with a mystery.  Definitely a great job and another cozy mystery series I love!
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