Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas in High Heels by: Gemma Halliday

Title: Christmas In High Heels
Author: Gemma Halliday
Format: ebook
Source: Purchase
Series: A High Heels Mystery #3.5


Fashion designer turned amateur sleuth Maddie Springer can't wait to spend the holidays with her boyfriend, LAPD Detective Jack Ramirez. It's their first Christmas together, and Maddie wants it to be perfect. But between her zany family and wacky friends, Maddie's having a hard time finding alone time with her man. But come Christmas morning, this is one holiday she'll be sure to remember - naughty or nice!

My Thoughts:

Maddie wants to spend Christmas with her LAPD Detective boyfriend Jack, for their first Christmas Eve alone together.  Everytime Maddie turns around someone as at the door wanting something from Maddie and when all the guests have left and Maddie gets back to Jack she finds him fast asleep.

The next morning the two find an envelope under the tree with tickets to Hawaii for a getaway for their first Christmas and they decide to skip the family Christmas dinner and go to Hawaii.

It was a cute introduction for anyone who hasn't read this series yet.  Makes me eager to read more.
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