Sunday, December 16, 2012

Editorial: Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Some of you may know that I live in CT and with the recent events of Sandy Hook Elementary school and the school shooting on Friday, I won't be reviewing books that are harmful to children, as our family is suffering from the situation just like everyone else in CT. When we heard about all we were told is a CT elementary school had a shooting.  

My heart and prayers go out to those family members who suffered from the brutal shooting at Sandy Hook, I pray that they are able to find some kind of closure and understanding to why this happened to such young children, all around my daughter Alexis's age (6).  I applaud the teachers that became true heroes by protecting the kids and sacrificing themselves to keep the kids safe.

My kids will be wearing green tomorrow to support those families and kids that will never have Christmas, or graduation etc.  I hope we as a country can find a way to protect those we hold dear.  And get a better understanding as to why this had to happen, but I imagine we will never fully understand what was going through that man's head last Friday.

I will also be taking a book tour break once I have finished up my current tours as I want to revamp my reading list and find "happier" books to read to lift the heavy spirits around here in light of what has happened.

May you all have a peaceful and blessed holiday this season!


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Zimlicious said...

I'm so very sorry that this happened although I'll never ever understand why it did. Our hopes and prayers go out to everyone there <3

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