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Guilt by: Jonathan Kellerman

Title: Guilt
Author: Jonathan Kellerman
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 336
Series: Alex Delaware #28
Format: ebook Arc
Source: NetGalley


A series of horrifying events occur in quick succession in the same upscale L.A. neighborhood. A backyard renovation unearths an infant’s body, buried sixty years ago. And soon thereafter in a nearby park, another disturbingly bizarre discovery is made not far from the body of a young woman shot in the head. Helping LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis to link these eerie incidents is brilliant psychologist Alex Delaware. But even the good doctor’s vast experience with matters both clinical and criminal might not be enough to cut down to the bone of this chilling case—and draw out the disturbing truth.

Backtracking six decades into the past stirs up tales of a beautiful nurse with a mystery lover, a handsome, wealthy doctor who seems too good to be true, and a hospital with a notorious reputation—all of them long gone, along with any records of a newborn, and destined for anonymity. But the specter of fame rears its head when the case unexpectedly twists in the direction of the highest echelons of celebrity privilege. Entering this sheltered world, Alex little imagines the macabre layer just below the surface—a decadent quagmire of unholy rituals and grisly sacrifice.

Before their work is done, Alex and Milo, “the most original whodunit duo since Watson and Holmes” (Forbes), must confront a fanatically deranged mind of such monstrous cunning that even the most depraved madman would shudder.

My Thoughts:

 This book began with the discovery of baby bones found in a neighborhood.  Alex Delaware gets called in to help solve the crime, which turns up more bodies and less clues as to what is going on. One of the women found was a religious person who had no apparent connection to what she ended up tied too, They learn alot about a local doctor for many years ago who seemed too good to be true.

This book also delves into Hollywood and how wild they can be and what they can get others to do.  Things you couldn't think imaginable becomes manageable only in Hollywood!

This book had so many twists and turns it was incredible.  I found myself deep in the world of Alex and Milo trying to figure out along with them who committed these crimes, and what the connection is with the various murders.
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