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Classified as Murder by: Miranda James

Title: Classified as Murder
Author: Miranda James
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 294
Series: A Cat in the Stacks #2
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchase


Aging eccentric James Delacorte asks Charlie the librarian to do an inventory of his rare book collection-but the job goes from tedious to terrifying when James turns up dead. Relying on his cat Diesel to paw around for clues, Charlie has to catch the killer before another victim checks out.

My Thoughts:

Charlie Harris and his beloved Maine Coon Cat Diesel are up to the stacks in murder when a local resident is found poisoned in his library full of rare collection books. It’s up to Charlie and Diesel to sniff out the murderer. Also along for the ride is Charlie’s son Sean. Early on all we know is Sean quit his job and is living with his father. He doesn’t speak about what happened in Texas and Charlie is cautious not to push it too hard. The family Charlie is investigating via the Chief Deputy Barry’s request is the most eccentric family, everything from women dressed as Scarlett O’Hara to conniving ones that are the rudest Charlie has encountered. She has him working on the collection of rare books and collecting silent information he may over hear along with his son Sean and Sean’s pet Dante a french poodle.

Charlie also learns he is excutor to the will of the late Mr. James Delacorte which surprises Charlie not to mention the fact of where the rare books go once they are cataloged The Athena College, which end up in Charlie’s lap twice as he is the person in charge at the college of rare books. I love going back to this author and visiting with Charlie, Diesel and all their friends. Especially love reading about the Maine Coon cat as I have never met one but they sound adorable.

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