Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crime Seen by: Victoria Laurie Review

Description via Goodreads:
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, is having a hard time getting over a gunshot wound from her last case-especially because she didn't see the shots coming. Out of work and second-guessing her abilities, she tries to get back in the saddle by helping her boyfriend Dutch with some of his FBI cases. And soon enough, her intuition returns-with a vengeance.
My Review:

While Abby is recovering from her gunshot wound and wondering why her "crew" didn't warn her in time, she finds herself teaming up with Candice who's a PI and helps her investigate some cold cases brought to her by her boyfriend Dutch. She comes across a case that calls to her more than any other and proceeds and when things get dicey for the two they lean to Dutch to help them find the bad guys. A great read and adventure one that pulls you wondering if Abby will get back to where she was prior to being shot.
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