Catching Fire by: Suzanne Collins Review

by - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Description off the Book Jacket:
Against all odds, Katniss has won the Hunger Games. she and fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark are miraculously still alive. Katniss should be relieved, happy even. After all, she has returned to her family and her long time friend, Gale. Yet nothing is the way Katniss wishes it to be. Gale holds her at an icy distance. Peeta has turned his back on her completely. And there are whispers of a rebellion against the Capitol--a rebellion that Katniss and Peeta may have helped create.

Much to her shock, Katniss has fueled an unrest she's afraid she cannot stop. And what scares her even more is that she's not entirely convinced she should try. As time draws near for Katniss and Peeta to visit the districts on the Capitol's cruel Victory Tour, the stakes are higher than ever. If they can't prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are lost in their love for each other the consequences will be horrifying.
My Review:
Wow, this was a great continuation of The Hunger Games. The love birds are called back to the Hunger Games where other tributes are called back to fight again. Katniss knows the probability of winning with Peeta a second time isn't on their side. The stakes are higher in this game, and the enemies are more dangerous then before. Katniss has tough choices to make to ensure that Peeta will survive. What they don't realize that the uprising is happening and is being fueled by Peeta and Katniss while on their victory tour. People are suffering all around them. This book really grips you wanting more. Wanting to see if they survive with a surprising ending to the book. A great action filled story.

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