Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coast Road by: Barbara Delinsky Review

Description via Goodreads:
Life's greatest gifts come to us by accident. Barbara Delinsky has always had a gift for creating tales of extraordinary emotional power and depth. Now the New York Times bestselling author of Three Wishes surpasses herself once again in a novel that takes readers on a journey as richly textured, colorful, and poignant as the northern California landscape in which the book is set.Rachel Keats and Jack McGill were artists, deeply in love when they married, until the rush of life took its toll. After ten years of marriage, they divorced and went their separate ways. Jack stayed in San Francisco. Rachel moved with their two young daughters to Big Sur.
Six years later, an alarming middle-of-the-night phone call demands that Jack put aside his own busy life and career as a leading architect to rush to his ex-wife's hospital bed. While she lies comatose, Jack maintains a bedside vigil and finds himself getting to know Rachel better than he ever did -- through their daughters, her friends, and, even more, through her art. Meanwhile, the beauty and grace of the Redwood canyon where she has made her home also work their own special alchemy upon Jack. He begins to see Rachel, his daughters, and the story of his marriage with new eyes.
Coast Road celebrates those things in life that matter most -- the kinship of neighbors, the companionship of friends, and the irreplaceable time spent with children and family. Barbara Delinsky depicts with exquisite accuracy the ties that bind each of us to those people and places we hold most dear.
My Review:
Rachel Keats lives in Big Sur which is far from San Francisco she has built a life for her and her daughters, Samantha and Hope.  She spends her time painting and being involved with a 7 member female book club group.  On her way to her group she is in a horrible car accident and is rushed to the hospital, her Katherine calls Jack McGill Rachel's ex husband and father to her children.  He drops everything and runs back to Rachel.
He spends the next 16 days doting on his ex-wife, getting to know her friends the voice of Rachel who's lays coma ridden with a broken leg, and badly bruised up.  As he learns about how Rachel felt, he realizes he hasn't stopped caring about her.  This book was the best so far, really showed that sometimes people try to get up the corporate ladder and forget about the smaller things, family, friends.  While he travelled a long road to get back to Rachel it was definitely worth it.
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