The Merlot Murders by: Ellen Crosby Review

by - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Description via Ellen Crosby's Website:
Someone wants to buy the 500 acre farm and vineyard located at the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains which has belonged to Lucie Montgomery's family since colonial days. And they are apparently willing to commit murder to get it. When Lucie's father Leland dies under questionable circumstances, the vineyard passes to his three children. But Lucie, who has been living in France for several years, quickly discovers that her brother and sister can't wait to nail up the "For Sale" sign while she is the lone holdout for reviving the ailing winery.

All too soon it's clear she's the new target of whoever wants her family's land. With a growing list of suspects - including the new cut-rate vintner her father hired shortly before he died - Lucie must act quickly to uncover the identity of a killer who seems disturbingly close to home.

My Review:
I enjoyed this story of the young damaged Lucie coming home for France in time for her fathers funeral. She has been living in France since her accident which has twisted up her leg. You can see the strength this character has even through everything she doesn't want to be coddled. She has more confidence than many have seen with characters in books. She wants her mothers legacy to carry on regardless of the obstacles that stand her way. She learns a lot about friends that she left behind when she moved and those who are less than stellar. Definitely a great start to a wonderful series.

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