Miranda, Queen of Argyll: Past Sins by: Julia Phillips Review

by - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miranda Tate knows leading a double life is hard. Keeping the lies and them facts straight is enough to drive one mad; especially when the worlds are mortal and magick. In one life, she's a computer consultant; in the other, she is the Queen of Argyll, immortal sorceress and leader of the Council of Magicks. While Miranda would gladly stay in her comfortable home in Denver, her duties call her out often; usually with frightening results. None more than her current assignment as mother and mentor to an eight-year-old child sorceress, Bryn. While in her keeping, the girl falls into an unnatural coma induced by enemies unknown; a list of infinite horrors waiting to be revisited. Forced to hide away in the sanctuary of Dalriada Castle, Miranda must untangle the clues and spells before harm befalls everyone she loves. With only seven days to solve the mystery of Bryn's illness and stop the threat, Miranda and her allies race to find the truth. Once again, the world of magick stands on the brink and she must stare down her own fears and face the apocalypse. Old hatreds and resentments must be put aside and new friends step to the front to help save the girl before her fate, and theirs, is forever lost.

My Review:

This book was very captivating. It's the story of Miranda Tate who has been living life for a very long time. She is the daughter of The Lady of the Lake and Merlin the Alchemist, her half brother is Tristan who's more known for his music and poetry then fighting wars. The story is told from various viewpoints. Mac a local detective trying to determine who Miranda really is. Samuel who is a local reporter who came across Miranda in 1997, and lost his chance with her. Miranda herself as she is dealing with the current battle at hand. Kadar who is bent on makingMiranda pay for past sins. Tessa who seems to be out for herself more than anyone else. Tessa has given birth to a baby named Bryn and then abandoned the young child, and now that she is coming into her powers has decided she wants her back. The council has decided that temporary custody would be best suited with the Queen of Argyll Miranda. Miranda knows nothing of child rearing. And while the child slips into a coma type sleep at the hands of Kadar. Miranda is stuck going into her memories of the best to figure out who would harm the child. You also learn alot about Miranda's husband Walwyn, a dragon Prince who met Miranda when she was a young woman. He was also best friends with her brother Tristan. This book was very interesting to say the least the way time bounced around. I could also see a romance blooming between Miranda and Mac. I can't wait to read the next book Miranda, Queen of Argyll Unlikely Saints. I rate this book a 5 cup book.

I was given this book by the author via NetGalley for a honest and fair review.

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