Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Villa by: Nora Roberts Review

Description via Goodreads:
Sophia Giambelli has never worried about competition. For three generations, the Giambelli wines have been renowned for their quality -- from Napa Valley to Italy, and throughout the world. The pride of the Giambelli family and a top PR executive, Sophia loves her job--and excels at it.

But things are about to change at Villa Giambelli. Tereza, the matriarch, has announced a merger with the MacMillan family's winery--and Sophia will be assuming a new role. As a savvy businesswoman, she knows she must be prepared for anything . . . but she isn't prepared for Tyler MacMillan. They've been ordered to work together very closely, to facilitate the merger. Sophia must teach Ty the finer points of marketing -- and Ty, in turn, shows her how to get down and dirty, to use the sun, rain, and earth to coax the sweetest grapes from the vineyard.

As they toil together, both in and out of the fields, Sophia is torn between a powerful attraction and a professional rivalry. At the end of the season, the course of the company's future -- and the legacy of the villa -- may take an entirely new direction. And when acts of sabotage threaten both the family business and the family itself, Sophia's quest will be not only for dominance, but also for survival.
My Review:
This book was a good read, at the beginning the characters are easily laid out with the big question being what does the Tereza, the matriarch, has up her sleeve at the meeting she is calling. When the contracts are laid out, many are confused and highly upset and upset enough to do everything from sabotage to murder to rip apart their vineyards. In the process a few fall in love which they never thought would happen. Tereza and Eli have decided to retire to see more of Europe in their old age and pass on their legacy to their children. It was a great story with mystery, questions to be answered and romance for those who love romances. I rate this 4 cups as certain parts of it were a tad predictable. You almost knew where the author was going with some of it.
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