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Review: Silence of The Lamps by: Karen Rose Smith

Title: Silence of The Lamps
Author: Karen Rose Smith
Publisher: Kensington
Series: Caprice De Luca Mystery #5
Pages: 352
Format: e-book ARC
Source: GEBT & NetGalley


Business has never been better for home stager Caprice De Luca, but her personal life could stand a few renovations. Just when she thought things were getting serious with her boyfriend Grant, his pretty ex-wife swoops into town and nabs his attention. Uncle Dom is living with her parents and desperately needs a new job. And her sister Nikki's catering business is threatened when rival Drew Pierson starts eating away at her share of the market. Things could not possibly get more chaotic when Drew is found bludgeoned to death by one of his grandmother's antique Tiffany lamps--and Nikki is the number one suspect. Now, Caprice must act fast to illuminate the truth and clear her sister's name--before a cold-blooded killer puts her lights out next!

My Thoughts:

This is the 5th book in the Caprice De Luca series and this book involves quite a bit we follow Caprice as she is staging another house and has her sister Nikki catering the open house, when Nikki's ex-coworker Drew Pierson threatens Nikki's business.  When Drew winds up dead and Nikki is the top suspect in the murder it's up to Caprice to find out who killed Drew and why?

Caprice is also dealing with Grant and their relationship and when Grant's ex-wife comes to town Caprice has trouble dealing with it.  Which unfortunately for Caprice isn't easy having ex's not handle long distance or go back to their previous wife.  Caprice is trying to have faith but sometimes it's really hard!

As Caprice is looking into Drew's murder to get her mind off of the lack of Grant issues being resolved she finds more and more potential suspects like Drew's sister Janie who seems to have her own agenda!  Then there is his buddies from high school who seem to all have agendas of their own could one of those agenda's include taking out Drew?

I love Caprice and all the DeLuca's and seeing how they work together and really have that family togetherness you don't always see.  I loved seeing how Dom worked on fitting back in with his family and finding a purpose in life pet sitting who doesn't love a great pet sitter I can see where Caprice gets her love of animals from.  Also seeing Bella and Joe get back on track after Joe being accused of a previous murder was great they are moving up and finding a new home to fit their growing family.

I also loved how Caprice went beyond in this story and connected with Drew's grandmother who is so sweet and feisty which almost seem impossible descriptions for a character but she's got both.  She made the best of a tough situation when she took in her grandchildren after their parents died.  She really went beyond the extra mile with those kids, and the way Caprice connects with her makes me wish my grandmother was still around.  I like how Caprice promised to visit even after the murder was solved.

Such a great series for those who love great cozy mysteries can't wait to see what is next!

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4 shout outs:

Jeanetta said...

Silence of The Lamps sounds like a delightful cozy.

diannekc said...

Great series, can't wait to see what Caprice is up to in this book.

diannekc said...

Great series, can't wait to see what Caprice is up to in this book.

KRS said...

Thanks for having me!

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