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Review: A Daughter's Doubt by: Richard Audry

Title: A Daughter's Doubt
Author: Richard Audry
Publisher: Conger Road Press
Series: Mary MacDougall Mysteries #3
Pages: 296
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours


Mary MacDougall’s first case of 1902 seems simple enough. 

Just before the 19-year-old heiress leaves for a summer holiday on Mackinac Island with her Aunt Christena, she’s hired to stop in a little town along the way and make inquiries. Did Agnes Olcott really die there of cholera? Or were there darker doings in Dillmont? 

Mary’s mentor, Detective Sauer, thinks it’s merely a case of bad luck for the dead woman. But Mrs. Olcott’s daughter suspects her detested stepfather played a hand in her mother’s untimely death.

With the reluctant help of her aunt and her dear friend Edmond Roy, the young detective struggles to reveal the true fate of Agnes Olcott. As she digs ever deeper, the enemy Mary provokes could spell disaster for her and the people she loves. But in the end, it’s the only way to banish a daughter’s doubt. 

My Thoughts:

This book follows heiress Mary McDougall finally gets a case for her given by Det. Sauer where she has to investigate the death of a woman her daughter doesn't believe she died of Cholera a horrible disease of the 1900's.  The young woman believes something else maybe happening but due to young sick child she can't travel to Dillmont to find out what happened and asks Mary to look into it.  What happened to Agnes Olcott?

Upon investigating and having doors shut in Mary's face she finally stumbles upon a clue something as simple as hair color.  But is that enough to prove that Agnes died somewhere else or is she still in the hospital and why all the secrets?  Is it about gaining control?

I loved this book with it's historical aspects and I also enjoyed learning about the fun things they did in the summer in Mackinac Island as I had just read a book taking place in current day and age in the same location.  I am also a huge fan of historical mysteries and this one pulled me until I the last page.  If you love historical mysteries you will definitely love this one!!

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D. R. Martin said...

Thanks for the great review. It's very much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed Mary's adventure and her visit to Mackinac Island... D. R. Martin (Richard Audry)

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