Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cozy Discussion #3: Why are authors always female?

Time for another cozy discussion this time on my agenda is the whole why is it only women write cozies?

 I find this whole thing ridiculous how publishers want female authors when it comes to cozies.  So what a guy can't sit down and write a cozy story because what we won't read it if it's a male author?  I mean common seriously?  I know of a couple of cozy male authors:

Miranda James is actually the writer behind it is Dean James.
Philip R. Craig did a series that takes place on Martha's Vineyard
Donald Bain does the Murder She Wrote but alas Jessica Fletcher is also listed as an author

Those are just the ones off the top of my head.  I think when it comes to mysteries it shouldn't be set up like that I think readers are apt to read whatever draws their attention whether it be male or female if a reader finds a series they like they will follow through with it.

I really think publishers need to allow authors to be free to be who really are.  Let the readers choose what they want without messing it up with only female writers.  I mean I read some cozies that have men sleuths so why not have some of the writers who are men be men. 

What do you think when it comes to authors are you only into women authors or would read book regardless of whether it's male or female?  Give us a shout out about your thoughts on it we love to hear in the comments what you think on this!

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Karoline Barrett said...

If it's a great book, I don't care who the author is! I love the Monk books (as in Monk the TV series) and they were written by 2 men. It's all about the story! Great subject-thanks for posting it!

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