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Review: Silence of The Lamps by: Karen Rose Smith

Title: Silence of The Lamps
Author: Karen Rose Smith
Publisher: Kensington
Series: Caprice De Luca Mystery #5
Pages: 352
Format: e-book ARC
Source: GEBT & NetGalley


Business has never been better for home stager Caprice De Luca, but her personal life could stand a few renovations. Just when she thought things were getting serious with her boyfriend Grant, his pretty ex-wife swoops into town and nabs his attention. Uncle Dom is living with her parents and desperately needs a new job. And her sister Nikki's catering business is threatened when rival Drew Pierson starts eating away at her share of the market. Things could not possibly get more chaotic when Drew is found bludgeoned to death by one of his grandmother's antique Tiffany lamps--and Nikki is the number one suspect. Now, Caprice must act fast to illuminate the truth and clear her sister's name--before a cold-blooded killer puts her lights out next!

My Thoughts:

This is the 5th book in the Caprice De Luca series and this book involves quite a bit we follow Caprice as she is staging another house and has her sister Nikki catering the open house, when Nikki's ex-coworker Drew Pierson threatens Nikki's business.  When Drew winds up dead and Nikki is the top suspect in the murder it's up to Caprice to find out who killed Drew and why?

Caprice is also dealing with Grant and their relationship and when Grant's ex-wife comes to town Caprice has trouble dealing with it.  Which unfortunately for Caprice isn't easy having ex's not handle long distance or go back to their previous wife.  Caprice is trying to have faith but sometimes it's really hard!

As Caprice is looking into Drew's murder to get her mind off of the lack of Grant issues being resolved she finds more and more potential suspects like Drew's sister Janie who seems to have her own agenda!  Then there is his buddies from high school who seem to all have agendas of their own could one of those agenda's include taking out Drew?

I love Caprice and all the DeLuca's and seeing how they work together and really have that family togetherness you don't always see.  I loved seeing how Dom worked on fitting back in with his family and finding a purpose in life pet sitting who doesn't love a great pet sitter I can see where Caprice gets her love of animals from.  Also seeing Bella and Joe get back on track after Joe being accused of a previous murder was great they are moving up and finding a new home to fit their growing family.

I also loved how Caprice went beyond in this story and connected with Drew's grandmother who is so sweet and feisty which almost seem impossible descriptions for a character but she's got both.  She made the best of a tough situation when she took in her grandchildren after their parents died.  She really went beyond the extra mile with those kids, and the way Caprice connects with her makes me wish my grandmother was still around.  I like how Caprice promised to visit even after the murder was solved.

Such a great series for those who love great cozy mysteries can't wait to see what is next!

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Cozy Discussion #3: Why are authors always female?

Time for another cozy discussion this time on my agenda is the whole why is it only women write cozies?

 I find this whole thing ridiculous how publishers want female authors when it comes to cozies.  So what a guy can't sit down and write a cozy story because what we won't read it if it's a male author?  I mean common seriously?  I know of a couple of cozy male authors:

Miranda James is actually the writer behind it is Dean James.
Philip R. Craig did a series that takes place on Martha's Vineyard
Donald Bain does the Murder She Wrote but alas Jessica Fletcher is also listed as an author

Those are just the ones off the top of my head.  I think when it comes to mysteries it shouldn't be set up like that I think readers are apt to read whatever draws their attention whether it be male or female if a reader finds a series they like they will follow through with it.

I really think publishers need to allow authors to be free to be who really are.  Let the readers choose what they want without messing it up with only female writers.  I mean I read some cozies that have men sleuths so why not have some of the writers who are men be men. 

What do you think when it comes to authors are you only into women authors or would read book regardless of whether it's male or female?  Give us a shout out about your thoughts on it we love to hear in the comments what you think on this!

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Review: Raisin The Dead by: Karoline Barrett

Title: Raisin The Dead
Author: Karoline Barrett
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Bread & Batter Mystery #2
Pages:  242
Format: e-book ARC
Source: GEBT & NetGalley


The author of Bun for Your Life returns to Destiny, New York, where bakery owners and amateur sleuths Molly Tyler and Olivia Williams never crumble under pressure...

While the rest of Destiny is focused on the arrival of an upper crust perfume mogul, Molly is more concerned about what’s on the front page of the newspaper: her mother. Library director Anne Tyler was photographed at the most romantic restaurant in town having a cozy dinner with library advisory board member Philip Baldeli. But there’s more for Molly to worry about after Philip is found dead a few days later.

When Detective Sean Corsino zeroes in on Anne as a person of interest in the case, it turns down the heat on his budding romance with Molly. But after he’s injured during the course of his investigation, Molly and Olivia must step in to sift through the clues and clear Anne’s name.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Molly Tyler and Olivia Williams who are the owners of Bread & Batter Bakery and find their town is turned upside down when Serafina arrives in town to see her great uncle Philip Baldeli very soon after her arrival he winds up dead.  It doesn't help that Molly's mother was seen with Philip arguing about construction on the library.  Did Molly's mother commit murder or was it the perfume mogul?

In Molly and Det. Sean Corsino the level of their relationship is rising that is until someone from Sean's past appears in the form of Jordan's twin sister Felicia and she thinks she is what is best for Sean.  Add to new horses being brought into the small town as part of something the police chief wants to implement.  Sean finds himself thrown from a horse and in the hospital fighting to survive.  Of course Felicia thrives on this and uses it to her advantage even going so far as to use Sean's marriage license to Jordan as part of her ruse/  Can Sean and Molly get Felicity to leave once and for all?

Molly finds out more about the library trying to upgrade and those opposed to it.  Could a supporter done in Philip or was it the engagement?  Is there more to his girlfriend Jill?  There really are no shortage of possibilities in this story. 

I loved this story reading about the different people and how well they come together.  I also enjoyed Molly and Serafina's relationship once Molly got Serafina to chill about it being a small town.  I also enjoyed reading about Molly and Sean and to see where there relationship was headed!

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Interview with Pushpendra Mehta

Recently I sat down with Pushpendra Mehta author of The Suitable Inheritor.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit my blog.

What genre do you write?

While my latest novel The Suitable Inheritor is an inspirational romance, I have also written two nonfiction-self-help books.  

Tell us something about yourself people may not know?

For three years between the ages of 11-14, I attended a boarding school in a small town in northern India. I bunked in a big room with nine other classmates and two ceiling fans that saved us from the scorching heat. Discipline was the order of the day from ironed uniforms to strict schedules for meals, school, sports, free time, and homework. To this day, I still have difficulty with the sight and smell of oatmeal, due to an oatmeal breakfast served every morning in the boarding school cafeteria.

Who inspires your writing?

To be honest, what really inspires me is to share stories to make a difference, as opposed to inspiration from a specific individual. Fortunately, I’ve had the exposure of experiencing varied cultures, professions, and relationships. The stories I write are the result of those experiences, whether it is a mundane occurrence or something much more profound, therefore writing comes to me naturally.

How did you come to choose to write books?

While I was in grad school, during a 30-second elevator ride with Lee Heubner (an alumnus of Harvard University and Northwestern University, who also served as the publisher and CEO of the International Herald Tribune), he suggested I write a book.  In his words – “You must now do two things – author a book, and learn how to write and deliver speeches. Authors are often called to make speeches.”

What is your favorite animal?

Horses, because of their loyalty.

What is your favorite holiday?

I have two favorite holidays – Thanksgiving and Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Do you have any books to be released in 2016-2017?

I have just released The Suitable Inheritor (a novel) that is a journey to the extraordinary through Chicago and Peru with a strong India connect. It is an inspiring story of true love, extraordinary success, divine intervention, profound relationships, sacrifice, and support.

If you were on a deserted island what three things would you take with you?

An interesting companion, a lighter, a journal and pen.

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Book Spotlight: The Suitable Inheritor by: Pushpendra Mehta

Title: The Suitable Inheritor
Author: Pushpendra Mehta
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 208
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound


An inspirational journey to the extraordinary that spans Chicago and Peru with a strong India connect. A fascinating saga of exceptional success, true love, special relationships, divine intervention, happiness, and peace.

Michael Elliott is stirred from deep sleep by an early-morning dream—a beautiful woman leads him to the Pacific Ocean and whispers that the ocean will help him discover his true destiny. When Michael is then invited to Peru, he wonders if this is the path to that destiny.

The journey of a lifetime, the energy of the majestic Pacific Ocean, a priceless philosophy for success and happiness, the sacrifice of a soul mate from Chicago, and the support of a special mate from India combine to make Michael the preeminent relationship coach for young people. Once he reaches that pinnacle, he is confronted with the most difficult choice he has ever made: in the pursuit of excellence, does sacrifice matter more than support; or without support, does no sacrifice count?

Can Michael resolve this life-changing dilemma, discover his true destiny, and finally become The Suitable Inheritor?
Author Biography:

PUSHPENDRA MEHTA is the author of The Suitable Inheritor (novel) and the nonfiction books
Win the Battles of Life & Relationships and Tomorrow's Young Achievers, which have earned him an internationally loyal readership. The richness of his experience comes from having donned diverse roles - writer, marketer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Pushpendra was raised in India and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an alumnus of Northwestern University and Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics.

Social Sites:


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Character Post: Tori Sinclair of The Sewing Circle Mysteries

The Moment The Earth Stopped
By Tori Sinclair of the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries

While I know life can be unpredictable, there are some things I’ve come to expect when it comes to my friends…

Margaret Louise will show pictures of her grandbabies to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Dixie will always find a way to remind me that the day I was hired as her replacement at Sweet Briar Public Library was the worst day of her life.

Debbie makes the best brownies ever.

Beatrice will never say a harsh word about anyone.

Melissa always smells like baby powder.

And Leona and Rose are like oil and water—they don’t get along. At all.

So you can imagine my surprise (and the way I nearly choked on the cookie I was eating at the time) when Rose told me she was going into business with Leona.


And Leona…

Business partners.

I admit, when she first told me, I actually laughed. And by laughed, I mean tears streaming down my face. The whole cookie-choking part came when I realized Rose wasn’t laughing.

Rose Winters and Leona Elkin are now co-owners of SewTastic, the brand new sewing shop in downtown Sweet Briar. Yes, I know, Leona doesn’t sew. But apparently that doesn’t matter anymore than the fact that these two women despise one another.

Or did.

Now, when I walk by their shop on the way to the library, I see them inside…talking. Sometimes even laughing. And the other day? They went shopping together.


Rose and Leona.

Like they’re actually…friends.

Which is why I can’t shake this feeling that something really bad is about to happen…

(Find out what in Elizabeth Lynn Casey’s latest release, NEEDLE AND DREAD)


Elizabeth Lynn Casey is the pseudonym for Laura Bradford.  Laura (aka Elizabeth) is the author of
several mystery series and a handful of romance novels. She is a former Agatha Award nominee and the recipient of an RT Reviewer’s Choice Award.  In her free time, Laura enjoys making memories with her family, baking, playing games, and catching up with friends. In addition to the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries she writes as Elizabeth Lynn Casey, Laura also pens the Amish Mysteries, the Jenkins & Burns Mysteries, and the upcoming Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries (Éclair and Present Danger, Book # 1, will debut in June).

For more information, visit Laura’s website:  or get to know her even better on Facebook at, and on Twitter:  @bradfordauthor and @elizabethlcasey.

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Review: Never Trust A Skinny Cupcake Baker by: D.E. Haggerty

Title: Never Trust A Skinny Cupcake Baker
Author: D. E. Haggerty
Publisher: Smashwords
Series: Death by a Cupcake #1
Pages: 200
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours


A cozy mystery with a heap of laughs, a generous portion of romance, and just a smidgeon of suspense.

Callie’s life is rather awesome. She owns a successful bakery and teaches German literature at the local university. There’s just one tiny problem. She has no self-confidence when it comes to her body. And then there’s the little matter of her being accused of murdering her pole dancing instructor. There’s no way Callie’s going to risk losing her teaching position and thus she embarks, with her best baker bud Anna, on a journey to discover the real killer. Between stripper auditions and a detective who insists Callie is the woman of his dreams, it’s a roller coaster adventure. Cupcakes not included.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Callie who is working in her bakery shop and teaching at the local college while her co-worker and friend Anna tries to get Callie to spice up her non-existent love life.  Callie keeps getting asked out by local hot police officer Ben she can't seem to bring herself to say yes to his various dates.  When she decides to go with Anna to work out she faces her toughest competition in the name of Dolly who is rude and obnoxious beyond belief.  When Dolly winds up dead the pressure is for Callie to clear her name and get her teaching job reinstated.  How will Callie get the killer and get her job back from suspension?

This book was great you got to meet Callie, Anna, and their friends and co-workers and see what they are like.  I enjoyed the relationship between Callie and Anna and watching the relationship with Ben grow.  Such a great fabulous story!

Review: What We Find by: Robyn Carr

Title: What We Find
Author: Robyn Carr
Publisher: Harlequin
Series: Sullivan's Crossing #1
Pages: 352
Format: Hardcover
Source: Gift


Join Robyn Carr, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Virgin River and Thunder Point series, as she explores the healing powers of rural Colorado in a brand-new story of fresh starts, budding relationships and one woman’s journey to finding the happiness she’s long been missing

Between the urban bustle of Denver and the high-stress environment of a career in neurosurgery, Maggie Sullivan has hit a wall. When an emergency, high-risk procedure results in the death of a teenager, Maggie finds herself in the middle of a malpractice lawsuit—and experiencing levels of anxiety she’s never faced before. It’s in this desperate moment that Maggie’s boyfriend decides he can’t handle her emotional baggage, and she’s left alone, exhausted and unsure of what her future holds. One thing is certain, though: she needs to slow down before she burns out completely, and the best place she can think to do that is Sullivan’s Crossing.

Named for Maggie’s great-grandfather, the land and charming general store at the crossroads of the Colorado and the Continental Divide trails have been passed down through the generations and now belong to Maggie’s estranged father, Sully. Though raised by her mother and stepfather after her parents divorced, Maggie has always adored Sully—despite his hands-off approach to fatherhood. When she shows up unannounced in Sullivan’s Crossing, he welcomes her with opens arms, and she relishes the opportunity to rebuild their relationship.

But when Sully has a sudden heart attack, Maggie’s world is rocked once again. Consumed with his care, she’s relieved to find that Cal Jones, a quiet and serious-looking camper, has been taking over many of Sully’s responsibilities as he recuperates. Still, Maggie is suspicious of this mysterious man’s eagerness to help—until she finds out the true reason for his deliberate isolation.

Though Cal and Maggie each struggle with loss and loneliness, the time they spend together gives Maggie hope for something brighter just on the horizon…if only they can learn to find peace and healing—and perhaps love—with each other.

My Thoughts:

For many years I have been a huge fan of Robyn Carr I started up with the end of Virgin River Series and quickly flew through the Thunder Point Series and with this new series Sullivan's Crossing I found myself loving everything about it.

In this book we meet Maggie Sullivan whose having a really bad day she is being sued for death of a teenager, she lost her boyfriend and her baby all in one swoop.  So when her friend Jaycee recommends Maggie go home to her father's house for some much need rest and recovery Maggie decides that might be the best thing for her.

Cal Jones is in Sullivan's Crossing trying to recover after suffering some live altering situations, and to plan what he will do next the last thing he counted on was meeting Maggie Sullivan or falling for her.

I love how this series like her other ones doesn't solely make these stories just about romance in this book it is about families and relationships Cal and Maggie both have family issues they need to work through to get to their happy place.  I love the depths of characters in this book and how they thrive on what they are good at and don't obsess on the bad stuff or let it pull them down!  Can't wait to see what is next for Sullivan's Crossing!

Book Blast: Never Trust A Skinny Cupcake Baker by: D.E. Haggerty



Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker by D.E. Haggerty

Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker (Death by Cupcake Book 1)
Cozy Mystery Self-Published
Publication Date: April 11, 2016
Print Length: 155 pages


A cozy mystery with a heap of laughs, a generous portion of romance, and just a smidgen of suspense.
Callie’s life is rather awesome. She owns a successful bakery and teaches German literature at the local university. There’s just one tiny problem. She has no self-confidence when it comes to her body. And then there’s the little matter of her being accused of murdering her pole dancing instructor. There’s no way Callie’s going to risk losing her teaching position and thus she embarks, with her best baker bud Anna, on a journey to discover the real killer. Between stripper auditions and a detective who insists Callie is the woman of his dreams, it’s a roller coast adventure. Cupcakes not included.


I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on from my mom's Harlequin romances to Nancy Drew to Little Women. When I wasn't flipping pages in a library book, I was penning horrendous poems, writing songs no one should ever sing, or drafting stories which have thankfully been destroyed. College and a stint in the U.S. Army came along, robbing me of free time to write and read, although I did manage every once in a while to sneak a book into my rucksack between rolled up socks, MRIs, t-shirts, and cold weather gear. A few years into my legal career, I was exhausted, fed up, and just plain done. I quit my job and sat down to write a manuscript, which I promptly hid in the attic after returning to the law. Another job change, this time from lawyer to B&B owner and I was again fed up and ready to scream I quit, which is incredibly difficult when you own the business. Thus, I shut the B&B during the week and in the off-season and started writing. Several books later I find myself in Istanbul writing full-time.
Author Links: Website Blog Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest GoodReads Amazon author page Purchase Links Amazon Smashwords Barnes and Noble Kobo
More Books By D. E. Haggerty
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Review: Pushed to the Limit by: Karen Chester

Title: Pushed to the Limit
Author: Karen Chester
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Series: An Emma Cassidy Mystery Book #2
Pages: 236
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


Faye Seymour has long reigned as Greenville’s gossip queen, but recently she’s been at her worst, spreading rumors like wild fire and putting a lot of noses out of joint. Event planner Emma Cassidy has already lost an important client to Faye’s loose tongue, and she can ill afford to lose any business. When Emma discovers Faye lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs, the feisty old lady declares she was pushed—and that Emma is the culprit!—before passing out.

As Faye recovers, Emma reluctantly delves into the busybody’s life of meddling and scuttlebutt. She has to clear her name before Faye falsely accuses her again, and besides, there’s a capricious parrot relying on her now.

What scandalous secrets has Faye unearthed? How many lives has she ruined or threatened to ruin? Plenty of people have a reason to hate her, but one in particular is driven to commit a brutal murder. Can Emma follow the clues to unmask the killer, or will she fall victim herself?

My Thoughts:

This book follows Emma as she is dealing damage down by the gossip queen Faye Seymour but when Faye is injured Emma ends up taking care of her.  Did someone try to kill Faye?  It's not long and a friend of Faye's winds up dead who did in Faye's friend and why?

This book was a good read we get to learn about the people in the town and read as Emma has to deal  with Faye and trying to get her reputation fx.  Can't wait to see what is next in this series.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Book Spotlight: Needle and Dread by: Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Title: Needle and Dread
Author: Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: A Southern Sewing Circle #11
Pages: 304
Purchase Link: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


The Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle is needled by the death of a highly strung woman in the new mystery by the author of Wedding Duress.

Downtown Sweet Briar is now home to a new sewing shop run by one of the circle’s own. With the help and support of her fellow members, Rose is determined to make SewTastic a success, and, to that end, she decides to sponsor a series of do-it-yourself weekends for sewing enthusiasts.

But when a group arrives at SewTastic to work on a project, a loud and argumentative guest pushes everyone’s buttons. And when she winds up dead in Rose’s project room—strangled by a sewing machine power cord—it’s up to Tori and the gang to stitch together the clues before Rose’s reason for living is ripped apart at the seams.

Author Biography:

It’s not often that someone can provide visual proof of the exact moment their lifelong dream was
born. Which means I’m one of the lucky ones…

Nestled safely in the top drawer of my filing cabinet is the very first book I ever wrote—a six-page illustrated story entitled, Kidney Learns a Lesson. Looking back, I can’t help but think the more accurate title would have been, A Dream Is Born.

While Kidney (a sweetly drawn little brown bear) was learning the kind of lesson its ten-year-old creator felt noteworthy, I was falling in love with the process of writing…of creating a world that came to life beneath my pencil.

With my path chosen, I began devouring every book I could find—my earliest favorites being penned by the likes of Carolyn Keene, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Mary Higgins Clark…

Through them, I learned the joy of reading. Through my devotion to craft, I learned the joy of plotting and creating. And through my readers, I’ve learned the joy of providing a momentary escape from life—a chance to explore a new place, a new career, a new hobby, a new experience.

Because that’s what books do. They allow us to dream…

And dreaming is something I know all about.

~Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Book Spotlight: A Toxic Trousseau by: Juliet Blackwell

Title: A Toxic Trousseau
Author: Juliet Blackwell
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: A Witchcraft Mystery #8
Pages: 352
Purchase Link: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


The New York Times bestselling author of Spellcasting in Silk continues as witch and vintage boutique owner Lily Ivory cracks open a Pandora’s box when she investigates some alarming apparel...

Even the most skilled sorceress can’t ward off a lawsuit, and Lily is not at her enchanting best with her hands full as the temporary leader of San Francisco's magical community. So after her potbellied pig Oscar head-butts rival clothier Autumn Jennings, Lily tries to make peace without a costly personal injury case.

But any hope of a quiet resolution is shattered when Autumn turns up dead. As one of the prime suspects, Lily searches for a way to clear her name and discovers a cursed trousseau among Autumn’s recently acquired inventory. Lily must deal with a mysterious dogwalker and spend the night in a haunted house as she delves into the trunk’s treacherous past. She’s got to figure out who wanted to harm Autumn fast, before the curse claims another victim…

Author Biography:

Juliet Blackwell was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, the youngest child of a jet pilot from New York and an editor from Texas. She graduated with a degree in Latin American Studies from University of California, Santa Cruz, and went on to earn Masters degrees in Anthropology and Social Work from the State University of New York, Albany.
While in graduate school she published several articles based on her research with immigrant families from Mexico and Viet Nam, as well as one full-length translation: Miguel León-Portilla's seminal work, Endangered Cultures. Juliet taught Medical Anthropology at SUNY-Albany, was producer for a BBC documentary about Vietnamese children left behind by US soldiers, and worked as an elementary school social worker in rural New York. Upon her return to California she became a professional artist and ran her own decorative painting, historical renovation, and domestic design studio for more than a decade.

In addition to mainstream novels, Juliet pens the New York Times Bestselling Witchcraft Mysteries and the Haunted Home Renovation series. As Hailey Lind she wrote the Agatha Award-nominated Art Lover's Mystery series. She is past president of Northern California Sisters in Crime and former board member of Mystery Writers of America.
Juliet lives in a hundred-year-old house with extensive botanical gardens in Northern California, but spends as much time as possible in Europe and Latin America. She believes in the magic of language, travel, and cultural exchange to open hearts, minds, and souls.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review: Death by Trombone by: Rebecca Douglass

Title: Death By Trombone
Author: Rebecca Douglass
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 278
Series: Pismawallops PTA #2
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours


JJ MacGregor's very bad day has just gotten a lot worse.

JJ thought starting the day without coffee was a disaster, but now there's a dead musician behind the Pismawallops High School gym. His trombone is missing, and something about the scene is off key. JJ and Police Chief Ron Karlson are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, but will they be able to work harmoniously or will discord ruin the investigation? With the music teacher as the prime suspect, JJ could be left to conduct the band, and then Graduation might truly end in a death by trombone, or at least the murder of Pomp and Circumstance!
My Thoughts:

Poor J.J. MacGregor is having a really bad day first the coffee maker made coffee with out the pot under it then her divorce attorney informs her that her soon to be ex-husband is seeking sole custody of her son Brian, while dealing with all that she finds a duffle bag and not long after that a body whose very dead.  Was he murdered or did he just drop dead from being outside all night?

This book has things I've come to love about the series a soon to be single mother who is rising up against a crappy husband whose divorcing her but in the meantime she is trucking through her days parenting her son Brian and running the PTA and helping set up the dance for the end of the year and trying to have a good day.

I can't wait to see what Ms. Douglass comes up with next for JJ, Brian, Kitty and her family along with Ron Karlson whom JJ can't stop thinking and dreaming about!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Book Spotlight: Fogged Inn by: Barbara Ross

Title: Fogged Inn
Author: Barbara Ross
Publisher: Kensington
Series: A Maine Clambake Mystery #4
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository


An autumn chill has settled over Busman’s Harbor, Maine, but Julia Snowden is warming up the town by offering lobster stew at the local diner. When her landlord discovers a dead body in the walk-in refrigerator, Julia must figure out who ordered up a side of murder.
Nothing’s colder than a corpse—especially one stashed inside a sub-zero fridge. The victim spent his last night on earth dining at the restaurant bar, so naturally Julia finds herself at the center of the ensuing investigation. Lost in the November fog, however, is who’d want to kill the unidentified stranger—and why. It might have something to do with a suspicious group of retirees and a decades-old tragedy to which they’re all connected. One thing’s for sure: Julia’s going to make solving this mystery her early bird special…
Includes Traditional Maine Clambake Recipes!
Author Bio:

Barbara Ross is the author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries, Clammed Up, Boiled Over, Musseled Out and Fogged Inn. Clammed Up was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Contemporary Novel and was a finalist for the Maine Literary Award for Crime Fiction. Barbara blogs with a wonderful group of Maine mystery authors at Maine Crime Writers and with a group of writers of New England-based cozy mysteries at Wicked Cozy Authors.
She is always thrilled to hear from readers. You can find her via her website at, or on Facebook at, on Twitter @barbross, or on Pinterest at

Character Post from Chase Oliver to her cousin by: Janet Cantrell

A Note from Chase Oliver to her Cousin

Just a quick note to let you know how I’m doing. I haven’t written to you for ages. Too much is going on! You probably know that Anna is getting married soon, but I’ll bet you didn’t know she decided to compete in a baking contest, the Minny Batter Battle. How is she going to work this in, I ask you? She’ll do it, though. She’s over twice my age and has more energy than I’ll ever have. Our partnership, running the Bar None dessert bar shop in Dinkytown is going very well, in answer to your question. No regrets there.
But then there’s this reunion. Julie wants to go, and I do, too, but it’s one more thing, you know? Here’s the weird thing about it, it’s…wait! Quincy, don’t do that. I want to look at that invitation again. Be right back.

Okay, I got it. Quincy thinks everything is a toy for him. Now he’s in my lap purring and I can barely reach the keyboard to type the rest of this. He keeps gaining weight. I was going to say that the invitation is for our fourteen year high school reunion. Who has those? I guess we’ll see. At least Mike said he’d go with me. I give. Time to feed Quincy. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review: Moss Hysteria by: Kate Collins

Title: Moss Hysteria
Author: Kate Collins
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: A Flower Shop Mystery #18
Pages: 336
Format: e-book ARC
Source: NetGalley


Abby and Marco's new neighborhood isn't as rosy as it seems in the latest Flower Shop Mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Florist Grump and A Root Awakening.

Flower shop owner Abby Knight and her husband, Marco, are ecstatic to finally be moving into their new home, despite the prospect of unpacking a seemingly infinite number of boxes. After all, Brandywine—their new subdivision—seems like an oasis with its welcoming neighbors and beautifully manicured lawns. 

But their idyllic community is suddenly uprooted when a body is found floating in a nearby pond. The police think Abby and Marco's helpful next door neighbor is the culprit, but the newlyweds aren't convinced. 

Meanwhile, Marco distrusts his mother's slick new boyfriend, and Abby's cousin Jillian has agreed to decorate their new home, resulting in comic chaos. Even worse, as Abby and Marco dig through Brandywine's secrets in search of a killer, they discover that some flowers come from very bad seeds...and danger stalks even the sunniest small-town streets.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Abby Knight and her husband Marco as they have moved into their new home and are meeting their new neighbors when they find a body floating in the pond when all leads point to their new neighbor Abby has trouble buying the sweet old lady next door could have killed the man in the pond.

Marco and Abby has their hands full trying to figure out who killed the Dirk unfortunately there are no shortage of suspects from a flirt who betrays her friends by sleeping with their husbands to all the many people Dirk the deceased was blackmailing.  Or could it possibly be his wife?  She has plenty of motive to be had.

I love reading about Abby and her team of friends and family.  You always know Abby will get her guy or gal. I love watching them comb through the suspects to get to the bad guys can't wait to see what is next for Abby and Marco!

Review: Fogged Inn by: Barbara Ross

Title: Fogged Inn
Author: Barbara Ross
Publisher: Kensington
Series: A Maine Clambake #4
Pages: 314
Format: e-book
Source: NetGalley


An autumn chill has settled over Busman’s Harbor, Maine, but Julia Snowden is warming up the town by offering lobster stew at the local diner. When her landlord discovers a dead body in the walk-in refrigerator, Julia must figure out who ordered up a side of murder.

Nothing’s colder than a corpse—especially one stashed inside a sub-zero fridge. The victim spent his last night on earth dining at the restaurant bar, so naturally Julia finds herself at the center of the ensuing investigation. Lost in the November fog, however, is who’d want to kill the unidentified stranger—and why. It might have something to do with a suspicious group of retirees and a decades-old tragedy to which they’re all connected. One thing’s for sure: Julia’s going to make solving this mystery her early bird special…

My Thoughts:

This follows the story of Julia Snowden who helps runs the family clambake business and her boyfriend Chris who runs a taxi service in the summer in Maine this book takes place after Thanksgiving, they have worked with Gus to turn his breakfast joint into a dinner restaurant. This book picks up right from the beginning when Julia and Chris are woken up by Gus going nuts over a dead guy in his walk-in refrigerator.  Julia and Chris are stunned and Julia is determined to find out who killed the stranger.  The only thing the people who dinned in the restaurant have in common is they were all given gift certificates through the mail that were about to expire.  Who sent out these mysterious certificates?  Will Julia find the guilty party in time, or is she going to find her out of business instead?

I have to say one thing first before going into my review I love Barbara's cover art they are so beautiful and definitely remind me of Maine and New England in general. This book really captivated me and had me wondering who sent out mysterious certificates and who killed the stranger who just arrived in town.   Add to the fact that there is also a major car accident the same night. So many questions so little answers! I love reading this series as it offers all the fun aspects of murder with  big mystery that you don't know who did it or why.  Some cozies you can see where they are going with it not so much in Ms. Ross's books she really pulls you in and find you can't put the book down!

The more Julia investigates the more she gets dragged into the past and what happened many years ago and how life turns out in the end.  Instead of being a simple murder it went much deeper to the death of two people and a fire in their house.  In the end it really was a sad story of relationships, friendships and lost loves.  I really enjoyed the different spin Barbara Ross offered with this story!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Review: Fat Cat Takes The Cake by: Janet Cantrell

Title: Fat Cat Takes The Cake
Author: Juliet Cantrell
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: A Fat Cat Mystery #3
Pages: 304
Format: e-book ARC
Source: NetGalley


Quincy the butterscotch tabby has a talent for sniffing out sweets—and uncovering crimes—in this Fat Cat mystery from the national bestselling author of Fat Cat Spreads Out.

When former classmate Rich “Dickie” Byrd throws a high school reunion to gather support for his mayoral campaign, it drums up some not so sweet memories for dessert shop proprietor Chase Oliver and her friend Julie Larson. Julie would rather not reconnect with Ron North, the creepy kid who had a crush on her back in the day. His social graces haven’t exactly improved with age, but is he creepy enough to kill?

The next day, Chase is in the park testing a new cat harness for Quincy—who quickly proves he cannot be leashed. But when his escape leads Chase to Ron’s body, the police wonder who else got away. Now, with Julie suspected, Chase must prove her innocence before the real killer plans another fatal reunion.

My Thoughts:

This is the 3rd book in the Fat Cat Mysteries in this book we are following the lives of Chase Oliver and her friends Julie and Chase get an invitation to their 14th class reunion being run by Rich "Dikie" Byrd whose running for mayor and looking for all the support he can gather.  During the reunion it seems one odd duck from school Ron North who had a thing for stalking Julie he seems to have moved past Julie and set eyes on upsetting quite a number of people from school.  When Chase's cat Quincy finds a body Chase realizes the body is Ron North and someone is trying to point the blame at Julie now it's up to Chase to clear Julie before she is tried for murder and finds life is up like a cats nine lives. Can Chase solve it before time runs out?

I am finding myself drawn in to the characters in this series, being the first time I have read this book I can honestly say you don't need to read them in order.  I started this one without reading the previous one and find it positively purrfect murder mystery with intrigue of high school reunions.  In this book everyone seems to have something to hide.  I found myself trying to figure out who had the most to gain from killing Ron.  Granted I don't think anyone deserves murder but than again it wouldn't be a mystery if it wasn't for murder.  I had so much trouble putting this down.

There were no shortage of possible suspects add that to a notebook full of all sorts of cryptic notes and it really made it hard to figure out the killer.  I also enjoyed the fact that Chase is more human than most sleuths in this book she even managed to get a cold which really made her seem more real in this story.  Typically nowadays sleuths seem to never get sick to see someone get through being sick on top of it and still sort the clues really added to the story.  I loved it can't wait to see what is next in the series!

Book Trailer: Dial QR For Murder by: A.E.H. Veenman

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Review: A Daughter's Doubt by: Richard Audry

Title: A Daughter's Doubt
Author: Richard Audry
Publisher: Conger Road Press
Series: Mary MacDougall Mysteries #3
Pages: 296
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours


Mary MacDougall’s first case of 1902 seems simple enough. 

Just before the 19-year-old heiress leaves for a summer holiday on Mackinac Island with her Aunt Christena, she’s hired to stop in a little town along the way and make inquiries. Did Agnes Olcott really die there of cholera? Or were there darker doings in Dillmont? 

Mary’s mentor, Detective Sauer, thinks it’s merely a case of bad luck for the dead woman. But Mrs. Olcott’s daughter suspects her detested stepfather played a hand in her mother’s untimely death.

With the reluctant help of her aunt and her dear friend Edmond Roy, the young detective struggles to reveal the true fate of Agnes Olcott. As she digs ever deeper, the enemy Mary provokes could spell disaster for her and the people she loves. But in the end, it’s the only way to banish a daughter’s doubt. 

My Thoughts:

This book follows heiress Mary McDougall finally gets a case for her given by Det. Sauer where she has to investigate the death of a woman her daughter doesn't believe she died of Cholera a horrible disease of the 1900's.  The young woman believes something else maybe happening but due to young sick child she can't travel to Dillmont to find out what happened and asks Mary to look into it.  What happened to Agnes Olcott?

Upon investigating and having doors shut in Mary's face she finally stumbles upon a clue something as simple as hair color.  But is that enough to prove that Agnes died somewhere else or is she still in the hospital and why all the secrets?  Is it about gaining control?

I loved this book with it's historical aspects and I also enjoyed learning about the fun things they did in the summer in Mackinac Island as I had just read a book taking place in current day and age in the same location.  I am also a huge fan of historical mysteries and this one pulled me until I the last page.  If you love historical mysteries you will definitely love this one!!

Other books in this series:

  1. A Pretty Little Plot
  2. The Stolen Star

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Book Spotlight: When Bunnies go Bad: A Pru Marlowe Pet Noir by: Clea Simon

Title: When Bunnies Go Bad: A Pru Marlowe Pet Noir
Author: Clea Simon
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Series: A Pru Marlowe Pet Noir
Pages: 264
Purchase Link: Amazon


Winter is hard in Beauville, where the melting snow can reveal much more than last season s dead leaves. So when a wealthy, obnoxious tourist and his ski bunny girlfriend surface in Pru Marlowe s little Berkshire town, she knows she should stay out of their way. The bad-girl animal psychic has to focus on more immediate concerns, including a wild rabbit named Henry, supposedly tamed and illegally living with an eighty-four-year-old lady in her home. Henry, who seems to be acting out and hiding, avoids responding to Pru. Yet when Pru discovers the tourist murdered and his girlfriend s high-maintenance spaniel falls to her care, she gets dragged into a complicated case of crime and punishment that involves some new friends, an old nemesis, and her own shadowed past. A recent museum art heist draws the feds into the investigation along with a courtly gentleman radiating menace, who represents secretive business interests in New York and shows a surprising awareness of Pru. Her on-again, off-again romance with police Detective Creighton doesn't stop him from warning her to steer clear of the inquiry. The spaniel, however, lures her in. Pru lives in a world where only her crotchety tabby Wallis knows the whole truth about her past, her flight from Manhattan, and her unique gift that surfaced abruptly one day. Fearing the worst, Pru now comes dangerously close to being exposed. With everything in motion, Pru, Wallis, and everyone they hold dear will be lucky to escape by a hare."

Author Bio:

Clea Simon is the Boston Globe-bestselling author of 19 traditional/cozy mysteries in the Theda
Krakow, Dulcie Schwartz, and Pru Marlowe pet noir series, most recently Code Grey (Severn House) and When Bunnies Go Bad (Poisoned Pen). In March, her 20th mystery, The Ninth Life, (Severn House) launches the new, dystopian Blackie and Care series. A former journalist, Clea lives in Massachusetts, and although her books are getting darker, they still always include a cat. She’s not sure why.

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Book Spotlight: Girl on The Run by: Daryl Wood Gerber

Title: Girl on The Run
Author: Daryl Wood Gerber
Publisher: Chucklin Inc.
Pages: 334
Purchase Links: Amazon


When a fairytale fantasy night becomes a nightmare, Chessa Paxton must run for her life...but will the truth set her free?

Chessa Paxton, an event planner in Lake Tahoe, celebrates a successful night at the Happily Ever After Ball, but her dream quickly becomes a nightmare when she wakes up beside the body of her dead husband. Nauseous and confused, feeling as if she's been drugged, she can't explain to the sheriff why her princess costume is bloodied. With her father already a convicted murderer, she feels invisible shackles ratcheting onto her wrists and ankles. She runs! But she can't escape vivid flashes of memory: a massacre in a meadow; men and women in fairy tale costumes; Snow White’s dead body shielding her from bullets.

Though Chessa is a former costumer and a master of disguise, she quickly learns that hiding while trying to prove herself innocent is the most difficult task imaginable. Especially when the sheriff wants to throw her in jail and the real killer wants to silence her forever.
Author Bio:

Daryl Wood Gerber is the author of The Cookbook Nook Mysteries, featuring an avid reader, admitted foodie, and owner of a cookbook store in picturesque coastal California. The series debuted in 2013. In addition, under the pen name Avery Aames, Daryl writes the Agatha Award winning, nationally bestselling The Cheese Shop Mysteries set in fictional Providence, Ohio.
Prior to her career as a novelist, Daryl wrote screenplays and created the format for the popular TV sitcom Out of this World. A fun tidbit for mystery buffs, Daryl was also an actress and co-starred on Murder, She Wrote, as well as other TV shows. Daryl is originally from the Bay Area and graduated from Stanford University. She loves to cook, read, golf, swim, and garden. She also likes adventure and has been known to jump out of perfectly good airplanes. She has been happily married for over twenty-five years, and Daryl and her husband have a grown son who has flown the coop.