The Diva Frosts A Cupcake by: Krista Davis

by - Friday, June 14, 2013

Title: The Diva Frosts A Cupcake
Author: Krista Davis
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 304
Series: A Domestic Diva #7
Format: ebook
Source: Nook Book
Purchase: Barnes & Noble | Amazon


Revenge is sweet… Sophie Winston and her BFF, Nina Reid Norwood, share a sweet spot for animals. So Sophie is delighted to help when Nina cooks up Cupcakes and Pupcakes—a fundraising event for animal shelters. All the local bakeries will be selling treats, with the profits going to pups and kitties in need. But Old Town is in for a whole batch of trouble when a cupcake war erupts between two bakeries… Tongues wag and tempers rise when a partner leaves Sugar Baby Bakery and unveils her competing cupcakery, Sugar Mama, precisely as the fundraiser gets under way. Just as it seems nothing else can go wrong, Sugar Baby’s sole remaining employee is found dead. Suspicion falls on the feuding owners, but the scrumptious new guy in town is also raising some eyebrows. Now Sophie and Nina have to sift through the clues and discover who isn’t as sweet as they seem…

My Thoughts: 

Sophie is back and helping her BFF Nina with a cupcake and pupcakes fundraiser event to promote adoption of animals.  And there is so much more going on, first Sophie has a run in with Clarissa who accuses Sophie of sleeping with her husband, although this seems to be a running issue through out the whole book.  Clarissa can't seem to get the point that just cause she was with Wolf at one point doesn't mean she's a husband stealer.

Then someone steals a dog who Spencer the husband of Clarrissa was interested in adopting.  The girls set out to find the missing pup. Not long into this book does it take for a murder to take place when Renee's assistant Muffin winds up dead and found by Humphrey and Sophie.  Which has everyone's jaws flapping to figure out who had it out for Muffin.  Then someone is poisoning General Euclid German, with cupcakes, which cuts short the black tie event for adoptions of pets. 

At the same time someone drugged Joy who use to work with Renee but since has opened her own cupcakery.  And this results with some crazy hallucinations by Joy. Luckily she is rescued by all the attendants at the black tie event.  

Then to make things even more confusing and asking more questions Humphrey later that same night is arrested for larceny for stealing a valuable cupcake.  It's up to Sophie, Humphrey, Nina, Francine, and everyone else to find out what is happening in Old Town.

This book had so much going on what I loved is that for once Sophie got to step back and do other things and not be baking the days away.  That was a nice change to see her doing other things I especially loved the theme of cupcakes and pupcakes.  It was also nice to see that Natasha is not as good at something that Sophie is great at taking care of animals.  Natasha adopted Martha and the two never connected no matter how hard Natasha tried to force the issue.  It was great to see Sophie excel at something where Natasha can't.

The part that I think is needing to be addressed is the relationship between Mars, Sophie and Natasha.  A few books ago Sophie and Mars had a heated kiss which seemed to go nowhere, and in this book it was obvious that Natasha is alienating people, including embarrassing Mars and it would be nice to see what comes of this issue.  Is Mars regretting divorcing Sophie?  Does he still pine for her?  Will they get back together?  They seem to mesh well so I'm wondering if the divorce was a mistake?  Also I think Natasha doesn't need to go to the point she goes to making Sophie feel bad when she gets insulted all the time by her.  Natasha just rubs me the wrong way, but there are so many good parts to the story so I deal with the annoying Natasha the main diva of the stories.  I don't really consider Sophie a Diva as much as Natasha.

All in all a great book I enjoyed and was well worth the purchase I made.  It definitely made a great book to read for spring going into summer!

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